Monday, 13 March 2017

Dark Side of Dimension Short Clip

This clip is animated by Kazuki Takahashi himself.

History lesson, Yu-Gi-Oh! style.

Takahashi is the original manga artist for Yu-Gi-Oh! and played a large role in the production of this movie, in the pre-production stages.

Video link on Dueling "C" Facebook page: (link)

Kazuki Takahashi also has an Instagram page, @kazuki_yugioh where he frequently uploads Yu-Gi-Oh materials.

He recently painted Kaiba & Obelisk in VR. (link)

This is my personal favourite - a drawing depicting another battle between Yugi and Kaiba, in a different game, as Yugi continues to prove his worth and live up to his name as the 'King of Games'.

Much like how Pokemon was originally planned to based on Capsule Monsters, the manga was also originally intended to be delivered as a horror manga. This would justify the horrific and brutal 'Penalty games' in the initial chapters, which depicted Dark Yugi/Atem as a sadistic character.

The manga was to consist of plenty of different games, hence making the King of Games title, more befitting and worthy of its name. However, the card game aspect of Yu-Gi-Oh! took off and eventually defined the franchise.
Prior to that point, Takahashi did not plan for the card game to make more than two appearances
Shonen Jump. Volume 2, Issue 9. September 2004. VIZ Media

It is nice to say Yugi constantly improving (and winning), and for Yu-Gi-Oh! to revisit the concept of its origin and roots.

-Ken Sir

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