Thursday, 2 March 2017

Dueling "C" reaches two!

And K.Xavage's child turns four this year!
Today, we mark the 2nd Anniversary of our blog - Dueling "C". Originally named Dueling Cancer, as a form of word play on my pen name (Ken Sir), it started out as a fun idea but has evolved to a venture whereby I recruited plenty of my friends on board this writing experience.

This year, I am reconsidering my options. The original plan was the shelve Yugioh upon entering University, but I doubt whether I am able quit the game without any regrets so smoothly. Although the harsh transition to the Link-Summoning meta does make the quitting decision more tempting...

But truth to be told, I think I am too far and too long into the game to quit at this point. 

I guess I shall let nature take its course. Many things had also changed since I started the blog, but it is probably a given that I will take a step back from the competitive aspect of the game, due to my personal commitments. However, I do wish to continue writing articles, the only issue I foresee is the lack of content. But I am sure it won't hurt to drop by at my locals every once in a while.

Thank you all for your views and support thus far. We will continue working hard in providing interesting reading materials for all our viewers, TCG and OCG players alike. Once again, thank you to all the authors and friends who assisted with this blog.

Dueling "C":
  • FTKren
  • Traveller of the Burning Herpes
  • K.Xavage
  • Scrublas
  • GeoTheBacon
  • DAM SON / MyPochi
  • Ken Sir (Yours Truly)

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