Saturday, 5 August 2017

A Dedicated Post

@Beeeno_seihai04  (Yuki) recently visited Singapore for academic studies. We met on the Twitter and he provided me with valueable advice during my stay in Japan. Recently, we exchanged gifts when we met and I introduced him to some of Singapore's local food. Or anything that you seldom get the chance to eat in Japan.

It was hilarious witnessing him seeking salvation after eating Chilli or Tom Yum, and cringe at the taste of Durian Milkshakes.

As a promise to him and a means of thanking him for his gift, I promised to upload a dedicated blog post about his gift. I would also like to take this oppurtunity to share with readers the new inventory of cards that I have just received.

Yuki's gift was wrapped like this. It was indeed mysterious and reminded me of the Lucky Draw packs I purchased back in Japan.

Yuki gave me a set of D/D/D cards, plenty of which were of the highest available rarity. GeoTheBacon would be proud.
With this, I would have had the entire D/D/D core set and the only thing preventing me from building the deck would be my laziness.
I also got a bunch of Machine cards, with Karakuri and Ancient Gear cards. Yuki was also kind enough to attach a few old YuGiOh foils and two signed MTG cards. At this point, the monetary value doesn't really hold a candle to the sentimental aspect of the gift.
 More miscellaneous cards. Favourite = Gold Rare Torrential Tribute.
Handy Hand Traps like Electric Virus (which is a happy coincidence since I am one card short of a playset!) and Burning Abyss cards.


Yuki also gave me a set of Kaiba sleeves which matches my [Silver's Cry]-designed playmat pretty well. I do not have a picture now but I will upload a snapshot soon. I look forward to putting both together.

I appreciated Yuki's generousity very much and he assured me (upon learning of Dueling "C") that a blog post was sufficient to express my thanks.

I understand recent posts have been slightly boring and the blog may have been stale. I am aware of that and I apologise. I have prepared some decklists for sharing and discussion and I hope to publish those articles soon. Until then, stay tune.

-Ken Sir  

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