Sunday, 10 September 2017

YOTSG 2017 Experience

I suck at Facebook statuses, Whatssap Thank You messages and Instagram/Twitter. Blogging is really my main medium. It has been a week, but here goes...

As most of you have known, I joined the recent YOTSG event not as a player but as a scribe reporting the event and typing the Event Coverage articles (which by the way you can check out here. #ShamelessSelfPromotion)

I would like to thank all my colleagues and friends for the event experience. I have always wanted to take the back seat and experience a YGO event. But have mostly been playing. Not that there has been any success nor achievements.
As a player of the event, it is really tough to blog about it or even write a decent article about the event, except from my own point of view, which is quite myopic. However, over the weekends, I got to observe duels as a Reporter and comment on them through the Event Coverages.

  • From a writer's standpoint, I would say it is an art of its own, a challenge for me to translate moves, actions, card activations into words and seek various different synonyms and alternatives to make the Event Coverage feel alive, less boring.
  • From a duelist and player's point of view, I got to witness plenty of different decks, their playing style, combos, common mistakes and errors.
My only regret is my incapability of covering more duel rounds and events. Ultimately though, I shouldn't complain. I felt like a kid learning how to walk for a first time, as exaggerating as it sounds. To me, it was a whole new learning experience, one which I will always treasure.

In short, my first event as a Reporter - a huge success and pleasant experience. I would like to thank my colleagues and friends in the Judge Team, seniors and mentors who gave me advice for the event. Everyone also provided me plenty of help in their own way, be it helping me get what I need or answering my cries for help.

Another shoutout goes to all the friends who were playing at the event. Thanks to everyone who came over to say Hi. I enjoyed the small talk and greeting jokes I made with everyone. It really helped to keep me from being brain dead. I was wearing a formal attire for that day (and one of the first instances I went that formal in half a decade) so it surprised plenty of people, since most were probably assuming I was playing for the event.

Lastly, many thanks and shoutouts would been incomplete without thanking my Family and Friends. My parents supported me to no end, understanding my committment and busy weekend. Friends whom I turned down for dinner meetups and hangouts, thank you for your understanding as well.

From a lone blogger to the current Dueling "C", and being part of reputable websites BeyondTheDuel and Ygoprodeck, I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank everyone who gave me a chance to work with them, all my friends and acquitances for their support, and once again for all the readers.

I hope to continue this line of work in the future and honestly, I may start doing more Written Coverage for duels, from online Youtube videos featuring interesting decks (as practice), or Live Duels from locals weekly rankings.

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