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OCG Limit Regulation October 2017 Discussion by Ken Sirr

Overkill. Massive overkill.

As usual, we will go down the list and comment on the respective changes before ending off with a the bold/optimistic speculation on the metagame as we talk about the affected decks.

Newly Forbidden:
Master Peace, the True Dracoslaying King
Dragonic Diagram
  • I would say this section of the list doesn't surprise me. It feels that whoever is behind this decision, whichever soul or department of think tanks, sees the need to harshly punish this archetype.
    Once again, it reminds me of what happened to Zoodiacs as an archetype - create, allow, Limit, Ban, destroy, move on.
    Not really a fan of this trend though. I would hate for every powerful archetype to be released only to be slowly reduced to nothing but ashes. I am a fan for viable-but-not-OP archetypes, and even if you need to regulate it, Limitation/Semi-Limitation will do the trick.

Newly Limited:

Tribe-Infecting Virus
  • Readers following the blog for a while would have seen me call this ages ago. I felt it was time as Priority is no longer a mechanic in the game. The way I see it, Tribe-Infecting Virus is safe to return without causing a huge havoc.
    Also, Mermail-Atlantean has been getting plenty of leeway in recent lists. 
ABC-Dragon Buster
  • ABC decks return with a vengence at the start of the format (which felt just like yesterday; time really does fly) but it seems that a single ABC-Dragon Buster may spell the death of the deck. So far the deck has been revolving around the 'recycling' factor, where a dismantled/split Fusion Monster, into its counterparts can summon a second copy. But with only one copy allowed, it really does make me wonder if the deck can even be viable.
  • Recycling Dragon Buster, either by revival or returning it back to the deck would be more crucial, more so than ever.
  • Of course, there is always the option of mixing another archetype into it. With more and more Link Monsters being released, there are ways to compensate for the loss of their boss monster, but the deck would be much less fearful that it once was.
Aleister the Invoker
  • I was pretty disappointed to see Aleister on the list for a couple of reasons.
    • Selfishly, I play an Invoked engine. :(
    • Secondly though, it felt more of a 'want-to' rather than a 'need-to' for it to be on the list.
      • Once again I get reminded on the past. If I have to draw a comparism I would recall the transition from Synchro to Xyz where plenty of staple Tuner Monsters and Synchro Monsters (such as Trishula Dragon of the Ice Barrier) got banned to welcome Xyz into the game so players would start playing them.

Dinomight Knight, the True Dracofighter
True Draco Heritage
True King’s Return
  •  More hits to the True Draco family to ensure that even a mini try-hard loop engine of Dinomight Knight and True King's Return won't be viable anymore.
Souleating Oviraptor
  • With Babycerasaurus getting hit, some players joke about it being a 'One-Child Policy' hit.
  • Miscellaneousaurus escapes unharmed, which was surprising to me.
  • Oviraptor deserves the Limitation. It has wonderful effects and like Elemental HERO Stratos back then, it would have been the first to take the hit, since it is the deck's playmaker.

Denglong, First of the Yang Zing
  • If anything would have gone to the Forbidden List alongside Master Peace and Dragonic Diagram I would have though it was Denglong. Nevertheless, perhaps we will witness that during the next list.
  • Denglong has absurd effects and finally found its place in the Dinosaur deck. Tweaking its level, searching for cards on and off the field and not to mention the countless FTK options this card can offer, I say there shouldn't be much confusion as to why it ended up here.
  • It is fair to say we won't see the last of Denglong anytime soon, but the deck has seen better days. One Denglong just means more focus on reviving and recycling - and players have it in the form of Yang Zing's Path and Back to the Front.
  • Terraforming got significantly popular in recent formats due to the introduction of archetypes with must-play Field Spells. 
    • This can be seen as a promotion gimmick to promote the sale of products containing Set Rotation and Metaverse.

Spellbook of Secrets
  • Decapcitating the Spellbook engine. This list seems hell-bent on destroying engines. It isn't too bad for the engine though, since Secrets is usually played at 1-2 copies.

Trickstar Reincarnation
  • Another card which I was sad to see on the list, because I play it and because I felt it was a 'bad move'. In my opinion, despite how everyone cries that the Empty-Hand play for Trickstars is so OP and bad for the game, there will always be substitutes (although unsearchable) [Present Card, Disturbance Strategy]. 
  • I feel it was too soon to make a move on Trickstars, considering that they are a Link archetype. I just hope, as a Trickstar player, more viable support will be released to justify this hit.

Newly Semi-Limited:

Summoner Monk
Pot of Avarice
Future Fusion
  • Welcome back. I really appreciate Pot of Avarice back at two. Limited cards now have an additional method of recycling their lost copies.
Maxx “C”
  • I don't know what to say about this hit. Personally I feel most of the times I don't die to the 'Build an unbreakable board and extend handshake' deck is because of Maxx "C". I can live with two copies, but the last thing I want is for it to slowly make its way to the Limited/Forbidden List. I would hope for the Semi-Limitation of Maxx "C" to be accompanied with a gradual decrease in the Overpowered factor in newer cards and archetype, such that I won't lament about the lack of a third copy.
Fossil Dig
  • More hits to Dinosaur. At two, the deck won't be completely dead.

Windwitch – Ice Bell
  • More Deck Engine killing 101.

Newly Unlimited:

Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer
Witch of the Black Forest
Scarm, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss
Rescue Cat
Burial from a Different Dimension
Fire Formation – Tenki
Preparation of Rites
Domain of the True Monarchs
Wavering Eyes
Dragon Ravine

I wouldn't comment much on this part of the list because most, if not all, feels like a It is time for you to come back type of thing.

The Future

  1. True Draco
    • Personally I think the deck is gone for good, just like the Zoodiacs. Ultimately, all it took was a real hard hit to the deck's core cards.
    • As mentioned, hitting the archetype Spell/Trap and Dinomight Knight was an assured way of slaying the deck.
  2. Dinosaur
    • Definitely far from gone. Denglong is the only Yang Zing card affected by the list, and the Yang Zing archetype can still receive support from Dinosaurs for Synchro Summon players. Add in the Giant Rex engine coupled with Photon Thrasher, you would witness Junk Doppel vibe revived in the form of Synchro Dino Yang Zing. 
  3.  ABC
    • Tough for it to survive, with only one copy of ABC-Dragon Buster. This hit is even harsher than one Union Hangar back then. If it has any chance of winning, it is its ability to thin the deck and farm for resources, or a complete change of focus to Link Monsters.
  4.  Qli
    • Qli has confirmed news of a new member - a Link Monster - and coupled with Saqlifice making a return to three copies, I guess it is safe to say Qli has a good chance of returning. They will be facing a new landscape though, with the new Master Rule in play not only limiting the monsters they can Pendulum Summon out from the Extra Deck, but the S/T zone as well.
  5.  Engines - Invoked, Spellbook, Windwitch
    • The engines are significantly weaker but they are still viable. There will be empty slots left with these hits to the archetypes though.
  6. Plenty of other decks stand to have a good chance, at least in the first few weeks of the format.  
    • Dragonuity can try to return and incorporate Link Summoning into their field spam strategy.
    • Ritual decks receive an assist from this List as well.
    • Pendulum "Magician" got back their iconic Sorcerer and Wavering Eyes too.

Moving forward, I would speculate that the Instant Fusion toolbox and Scapegoat would be very popular in plenty of decks, at least temporarily to fill up the empty slots. Any deck that can answer SPYRALs would stand a good chance of solidifying itself as a meta-viable deck for the next format.

Counter Fairy has yet to arrive; I believe the deck to beat for the next format would be SPYRAL.


This is quite a long list.

I am not a HUGE fan of it, seeing how all three of my decks are affected, as I was quite confident Invoked and Windwitch would emerge unharmed. It felt like a real 'nuke' and destruction of the current decks, to rotate out of the format.
  1. Spellbook Invoked True Draco
  2. Windwitch-Luna-Kaiju
  3. Trickstars

I felt that the only reasons to incapicitate anything that isn't True Draco or Dino is just to pave way for SPYRALs and Counter Fairies (the next Structure Deck R) into the metagame.

As a player, a list should be one that regulates and balances the power distribution between decks. I personally hate for cards to end up Forbidden List. It seem to indicate that no one can do anything about it except sent it farfarfaraway and never to be seen again.

Freshly starting out in the game, I would ask myself why even make them in the first place?
I still don't have an answer now, although it would seem like poor planning. I would hate for this to be a 'habit/usual' thing for the game.
Probably one of the first few times readers will see me end off a discussion post without much optimism or agreement with the list.

Oh well, I hope the new metagame proves me wrong and turns out to be a fun one.
-Ken Sir
Not to be confused with GeoTheBacon who only posts once every three years months.

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