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MyPochi's One Man Journey in YOTSG 2017

Hi everyone MyPochi here! As most of you have known from Ken Sir's pre-YOTSG 2017 post, I am the only player in Dueling "C" this time.

And this is my experience at YOTSG 2017!

I am very happy and shocked in fact to get a score of 6 wins and 2 lost. Kind of not what I expected since I paused Yugioh and was stagnant for a few months from the meta, having zero practice with anyone except self-testing. With so many new changes to this format, I knew I had no time to pick a deck completely alien to me. So I decided to go with Spellbooks Invoked True Draco, having experience with Invoked True Draco (before the banlist that hit True Dracos).

Here is the decklist which I finalized on:

 ============ Main Deck : 40 ============
Master Peace, the True Dracoslaying King x1
Dynamite Knuckle, the True Dracofighter x3
Ignis Heat, the True Dracowarrior x2
Aleister the Eidolon Summoner x3
Ghost Ash & Beautiful Spring x3
Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit x2
Spellbook Magician of Prophecy x1
Maxx "C" x2
Effect Veiler x2
Harpie's Feather Duster x1
Terraforming x2
Eidolon Summoning Magic x2
Spellbook of Secrets x2
True Draco Succession x3
Disciples of the True Dracophoenix x2
Dragonic Diagram x1
Reckless Magic Circle x2
Revival of the True King x2
Apocalypse of the True Dracos x2
============ Extra Deck : 15 ============
Elysion the Eidolon Beast x1
Merkabah the Eidolon Beast x2
Magallanica the Eidolon Beast x1
Purgatorio the Eidolon Beast x2
Cocytus the Eidolon Beast x2
Raideen the Eidolon Beast x1
Caligula the Eidolon Beast x1
Number S39: Utopia the Lightning x1
Number 39: Utopia x1
Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer x1
Evilswarm Exciton Knight x1
Proxy Dragon x1
============ Side Deck : 15 ============
Artifact Lancea x2
Maxx "C" x1
Pot of Desires x1
Mind Control x2
Cosmic Cyclone x2
Super Polymerization x1
Ethereal Wyrmterfall x2
Heavy Storm Duster x3
Vanity's Emptiness x1

The Main Deck and Extra Deck are pretty standard. The deck is optimised to go first. The extra resource in terms of a second draw is very much appreciated.

For my Side Deck:
  • 1 Maxx "C" - Against Dino when going second (Maining only 2 Maxx "C" since I play 4 different types of Hand Traps)
  • 2 Artifact Lancea - Against Eidolon and ABC (Say no to banishing)
  • 1 Super Polymerization - Against Dino, ABC and Invoked (Denglong/ ABC-Buster Dragon just happens to be LIGHT attribute!)
  • 1 Pot of Desires - Against Dino when going second (Hurts when Dino eats 2 of your handsize due to Trishula + Enterblathnir combo)
  • 2 Cosmic Cyclone - Against Dino and True Draco (to counter Denglong + Nine Pillars than just sniping with a Cosmic?)
  • 2 Mind Control - Disruptive second turn card (Steal their monster to Fusion/ Link Summon) *Bonus: Stolen monster gets banished by Invocation when it is used for Fusion)
  • 1 Vanity's Emptiness - First turn floodgate (Works best with a Mechaba to protect it)
  • 3 Heavy Dust Storm - Against True Draco and Trickstars (A Twin Twister without a discard cost. Perfect when leading first in the game.)
  • 2 Waterfall of Dragon Souls - Against True Draco (Quick resource gathering)

Match 1 - Against Spellbook Invoked True Draco (OXO) 

My duel started off with a mirror match. Since I started first, I opened with a field of Invoked Mechaba and Dinomight Knuckle and passed. With such a good opening and an Effect Veiler waiting on his Aleister, my opponent scoope.

Game 2 was a sad one for me, my opponent managed to summon out Invoked Mechaba coupled with backrows. Even after baiting the Mechaba with my Magical Meltdown, Ash Blossom prevented my Aleister from searching, causing my opponent to snowball into victory.

I easily achieved victory at the last round thanks to me drawing into an early Super Polymerization, which took his Master Peace and led me to an overwhelming advantage.

Match 2 - Against Dino Yang Zing (OO)

My opponent went first and immediately started off by activating True King Lithosagym's effect. Luckily for me, I had a Maxx "C" in hand to gain some advantage. Since my opponent popped a Babycerasaurus, I gained another draw. Normal summoning Jurrac Aeolo, he went for Denglong. Unfortunately for him, I drew into my Effect Veiler which completely nullified Denglong. Having an insane difference in hand size, I managed to clear his field with ease and head for an easy OTK with Invoked Purgatrio.

In game 2, my opponent managed to pull off the entire standard Dino Combo, using Trishula and Enterblathnir to get rid of two cards from my hand. However, I managed to Mind Control his Enterblathnir to summon Invoked Raidjin and turn the tables on him.

Match 3 - Against True Draco (OXO)

During the first game, I got to say my opponent had a very bad hand and ended up with me poking for damage til I won. His four set cards, which turned out to be bluffs, were quite scary though.

My opponent opted to go second which leave me to open with a Dinomight Knuckle and ending my turn. My opponent cleared my field easily with True Draco Spells and Traps. He then eplenishes his hand by using True Draco Heritage to draw 3 cards . The difference in resources was obvious at this point, which made me concede to the last game.

In game 3, it was a really close match-up with both of us running out of resources and it is just "Draw, Set/Summon, Attack, End". However due to the Invoked Engine, once I drew into Aleister I quickly generated advantage and resources which led me to win Match 3!

Match 4 - Against Dino Yang Zing (OO)

I must be very lucky to be able to 2:0 all my Dino Match-ups so far.

My opponent won the dice roll and chose to go 1st. Starting with an Oviraptor, I negated it with Ash Blossom. My opponent did not have a Miscellaneousaurus in hand and let Ash Blossom's effect go through. Setting 2 cards, my opponent ended his turn. On my turn, I activated Harpie's Feather Duster which cleared away the backrow. Upon summoning my Aleister and playing Spellbook of Knowledge, my opponent conceded the game.

My opponent strangely enough chose to start second. I drew into 2 True Draco Apocalypse and a Master Peace. Setting both Apocalypse only, I ended my turn. My opponent had a really good hand and he was eyeing for my backrow. Summoning Denglong and making it level 4, he Synchro Summoned into Baxia, Brightness of the Yang Zing, targeting both my backrow. I turned the tables of the game by chaining Apocalypse, tributing both Traps to summon Master Peace. Both Apocalypse cleared my opponent's field and the game ended with Master Peace slowly hitting my opponent to death.

Match 5 - Against Trickstars (OO)

I got to thank Ken Sir for this victory as Ken Sir used to play this deck and it really pissed the ____ out of me. Now, I know how to get around the deck.

On the first game, my opponent activated Trickstar Lightstage into Candina into Reincarnation before ending his turn. On my turn, I start by setting all my spells and traps before summoning Aleister. My opponent then used the Reincarnation + Droll & Lock Bird combo to banish two cards from my hand. However, I had another Invocation set previously which led me to summon Invoked Mechaba. Controlling the field, I won game 1.

Game 2 was pretty hilarious. My opponent allowed me to start first. I opened with Dragonic Diagram, Aleister and a couple of True Draco cards. I then went to rush out a Master Peace (Monster + Trap) and an Invoked Mechaba and end my turn. My opponent looked very stunned as he activates Trickstar Lightstage and looks through his entire deck before telling me he have no outs against Master Peace and scoops the game. Lmao XD.

Match 6 - Against Magical Musketeer (XOX)

This is a really sad one. Have I mentioned I already quit Yugioh and have been out of meta for very long? Well this is that one deck whereby I have no idea what each of them do. Although I managed to not get 2:0-ed by him, I will not go through what happened here unless you want to see couple of cringe-worthy playing Terraforming on the same column as his monster.

One thing I will go through was how pissed I was when I made an invalid move of summoning Invoked Elysium using Extra Deck Monsters in the graveyard. He (no names will be mentioned) asked for a judge to request for me to get a Game Lost. The next few minutes was the judge telling him the most I can get is a warning. (=_=......really???)

Match 7 - Against ABC (OO)

This game was awfully weird.

My opponent started off with setting three cards and ending his turn. I suspected a True Draco deck and also set two  True Draco Traps and ended my turn. My opponent then set another backrow and end his turn. I was really surprised at the backrow game he was playing with me. I Normal Summoned Aleister but unfortunately it got Solemn Striked. Having nothing to do as I prefer to keep my True Draco monsters in hand, I end my turn. My opponent then plays the field spell Union Hangar. By that time, felt a sense of relief as I happily activated all my True Draco Traps to summon Master Peace and Dinomight Knight, easily getting my first win.

Game 2 has got to very depressing for my opponent. My opponent activate Union Hangar, adding A-Assault Core to his hand. He then activates Terraforming and replaces Union Hangar with Dragon Ravine. heard me right...he replaced Union Hangar without summoning anything. As he used Dragon Ravine to mill Destrudo, that is when he realised his mistake.
He Normal Summoned his Assault Core and carried on the combo, using Destrudo to summon Ancient Fairy Dragon. At the end of his combo, he activated Twin Twister to discard his final B-Buster Drake to destroy his own Dragon Ravine. Unfortunately, I had an Artifact Lancea waiting for him. He set a card and ended his turn. (Sorry, I did not really remembered what happened but I knew he ended off with a backrow and a Decode Talker)

On my turn, I summoned Aleister which was negated by his Solemn Judgement. When tracking the change in lifepoints, I realised he is left with 2000 lifepoints. (Half LP by Destrudo + Half LP by Solemn Judgement) I then set True King Revival, activate True Draco Heritage for an extra Tribute Summon to get out Dinomight Knuckle. A True Draco trap being send to the graveyard pops Decode Talker as I made a direct attack for game.

Final Match - Against Dino Yang Zing (XX)

Sitting at the top table on the final match, I was really stressed by this game. My opponent started first and I did not draw into any Hand Traps at all. My opponent proceeds to eat up two of my hand cards with Trishula + Enterblathnir. I was unable to recover from the game state and lost my first game.

On my second game, I opted to go second again. As I drew into my 5 cards, I was tilted so badly by my terrible hand that I knew have already lost this match as my opponent activates Oviraptor and Dragonic Diagram. Losing all my spirit to fight, I asked my opponent is it okay to take a snapshot. No luck sadly, my 6th card was a Disciples of the True Dracophoenix.
Feels Bad Man


That wraps up my experience in YOTSG 2017, as the only player of Dueling "C". I got to say I am very proud of my performance, having zero prior experience with Spellbook Invoked True Draco and being out of meta for a couple of months. Although I mentioned I quit Yugioh, I will still come back to play major tournaments. With the help of a few friends lending me a deck and staples.

Anyways I am sure most of you know that YOTSG 2017 is a 2 Day tournament and only the Top 64 can play on Day 2. I got #17 on Day 2 but unfortunately did not turn up on Day 2. 

On Day 1, I had a slight fever and a serious headache...although I still carried on playing. I felt like I should rest up and thus I gave away the opportunity of playing on Day 2. Although my team in Dueling "C" felt like it was unfortunate for me to waste my oppurtunity, I am happy with my overall performance in Day 1 and I was fine for not being able to play on Day 2,

Once again MyPochi here, hope to be able to write an article on the next major event.
And......signing off!

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