Thursday, 7 September 2017

Costly Alternative to Terraforming - a Duo Dragon Engine

How does using a Field Spell to search another Field Spell count? Curious? This is how we can do it.
But to introduce the Field Spell - Dragon Ravine!
An article by GeoTheBacon
Ken Sir: Yup you read it right.
Previously, Ken Sir talked about Destrudo. Today, we will focus more on the engine rather than the card itself. I am here today to tout the next big thing once Terraforming goes to 1 or 0. 

The reason why we need this card is due to its effectiveness to throw Dragon - Type Monsters from your deck to your graveyard, which you would use to throw Destrudo, the Dead Drake of Dread

With Destrudo in your graveyard and any monster Level 7 or below, you can instantly get a Level 7 Synchro Monster which leads us to Ancient Fairy Dragon! This would however cost you half your lifepoints.

With Ancient Fairy Dragon on the field, you can destroy your Dragon Ravine and whichever Field Spell your opponent may possess at that moment. This gives you
  • 1000LP gain
  • A new Field Spell of your Choice
  • A Special Summon off Ancient Fairy Dragon

Another Card you can use with the engine is - Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm!

The reason for this card is that you can have either this card OR Destrudo in your hand with Dragon Ravine, you can discard either to mill the other Dragon. Either way, both enters the grave,  Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm revives and Destrudo follows.

All without using your Normal Summon

The benefits of this engine is that
  • It opens up a Level 7 Synchro Toolbox
  • If you only draw into Destrudo and your opponent has a Field Spell(which is common in the current metagame), you can pop your opponent's to search for your own.
  • You can run Set Rotation - locking your opponent out of their field spell zone via Gateway to Chaos or Zefra of Oracle. And when you need to get rid of the field spell on your opponent's side of the field (when you want to open a new field spell) you can use Ancient Fairy Dragon to destroy all field spells and get the field spell you want to your hand!

The downsides:
  • To say the engine requires a Field Spell card to search another isn't stating the entire story. You would have to trade half your Lifepoints + run the Dragon Duo engine + Dragon Ravine.
  • Drawing/Opening with multiple copies of either Dragons can be problematic.
  • Last but not least, Maxx "C" stands to gain plenty when it interupts this play.

Nevertheless, Dragon Ravine stands to be a contestant for replacing Terraforming if it ever ends up deeper into the list. Metaverse is a secondary option but being a Trap means that it is less likely to get used on the fist turn of the Duel unless through some unorthodox method.

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