Friday, 7 April 2017

Duel Video: Vision HERO Vyon

I know I promised that would be the last, but technically I didn't post this combo. I am just sharing it.

I previously posted a few combos regarding Vision HERO Vyon and it all begun with A Hero Arrives. For all those who haven't read it yet. You can check it out:
  1. Vision HERO Vyon
  2. Vision HERO Vyon 2.0 (Under the New Master Rule)
A reader, Facebook name Mach Dragon, sent in the following link, improving on the afore-mentioned combo with the addition of a few cards. His post details the steps needed for the play and a video filming him performing the steps. To Mach Dragon, thanks for your hardwork and effort into making the video.

Without much further ago let's all have a look:

Credits: Mach Dragon
Video Link: Vision HERO Vyon 3.0?

  • Totally biased, but I love the soundtrack, being the 5D's fan that I am. :D (If you still don't know yet, 5D's if my favourite series.)
  • Totally biased again, but I totally love that Majespector Unicorn - Kirin. Yes I love Kirin lol. I am usually the one who summons him anyway. xD #BringBackKirinPlease
  • Anyway, jokes aside, I felt that using Xiangke Magician to perform a second Xyz Summon is a nice touch. I didn't think of that, and was pretty dissapointed considering that it was probably the only useful effect from the entire of Yuya's Pendulum "Magician" monsters.
  • As Mach Dragon noted:
    • You have Decode Talker - symbolising VRains
    • No. S0 Utopic Zexal representing ZeXal
    • 5D's iconic Stardust Dragon
    • Yuya's Pendulum "Magician"s on the scales - putting Arc-V into the picture.
    • No GX and original anime?
      • Well.... we did use Polymerization. So plus 1 for GX?
      • You need a stacking, cheating and topdecking powers Pharaoh Atem's powers to pull this off in a real-life duel so there is your element of the Original Series.
Well, as I mentioned for plays like these before - No matter how inconsistent or how unlikely it will happen in duels, it does goes to show how damaging a single card can be.

Once again, thanks to Mach Dragon for the effort he placed into thinking up the Combo Play and making the video. Cheers, and I hope everyone spreads the Vision HERO Vyon love.

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