Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Metagame Report for 1st April 2017

Think we have to start worrying about a declining player base even more.

GeoTheBacon went. I didn't. 6 people appeared at the Locals he went to. To be fair, another location also held a locals, and approximately 6-8 people were there at the other venue.

Sadly, on a 'good' day, Ranking Tournaments have about 18 people. That's is just how small our player community is as compared to other countries and the older days.


True Draco managed to fill the void that Zoodiac left behind. The power struggle ended between the two after the merciless Forbidden and Limited List. Kozmo decks are also gaining traction, as they are undeterred by the Link Summoning mechanics.

Due to the lack of Link Monsters currently released, the competitive platform was pushed to seek decks that doesn't require the Extra Monster Zone, instead of dwelling into the decks that can utilise Link Summoning. I will admit that Decode Talker will likely be a staple as far as Link Monsters goes, it has a nice effect that isn't Once-Per-Turn.

Also, PSYFrame engine is getting more common as a negation tool to negate other Hand Traps. The most common target for the ngeation being the post Side Deck Artifact Lancea and the almighty Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. On that note, I would reccomend that Artifact Lancea will lose its effectiveness and see a decline in usage. But take it with a pinch of a salt.

Other candidates

Some friends I know are looking to bring Atlantean-Mermail back to the competitive scenes. He had to pass on the Locals for the weekend since he has yet to gather his deck.

I think Metalfoes True Draco is also a strong contender, but an added Kozmo engine boost its firepower without harming consistency.

Sadly for Yosenju, the nature of powercreep annilated the deck, it is definitely tough to battle against Master Peace, the True Dracoslaying King, even more so when this 2950ATK boss monster is unaffected by Monster effects. Zoodiac were the best support for Beast-Warrior archetypes, and now that I only have Zoodiac Broadbull left, my board presence and threat is diminished. Even a single Zoodiac Barrage and/or Zoodiac Drident would change thing greatly, but for better or for worse they are gone. For now.

Better luck another time I guess.


I would do up a nice sketch with stats and images, but I feel that the sample size is too small to mean anything. Instead, I would just leave this nice image of GeoTheBacon's decklist.
It is a Kozmo-Metalfoes-MasterPeace deck that is beggining to become very popular in Singapore. From what I know from GeoTheBacon, 5 out of 6 people piloted a similar deck too.

GeoTheBacon went 5-0 with this deck.

We will go more in-depth to the deck details and perhaps even a full decklist, but here is the pictures for now.
Thank you for reading.

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