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Ken Sir plays Goat Format

What have you goat to say for yourself?

I recently fell in love with the famous Goat Format, and I am pretty sure a quick google search will net you what you need/want to know about the format. Be it a vague description, some cards that existed during that format, why, when, how was it good etc.

So I won't waste much of your time on all these. I will say though, that out of the 10 videos I watched or articles I read, I kept seeing the same thing being mentioned again and again:
  • Goat Format was skill-intensive, and plenty of players love it for that.
  • People love Goat Format.
  • People REALLY LOVE Goat Format. Years later, players still play it as a casual format and some stores even host it as an offical tournament format.
  • Drawing cards lika boss - Graceful Charity, Pot of Greed
  • Reasons why players grew to hate Magician of Faith
  • Greed is good

So I set out to build the deck. I wasn't contented with clicking on the screen on my Yugioh Tag Force or even on ygopro. I took the suggestions I read online, forming two decks, so I can have mirror matches. Finally, those copies of Heavy Storm and Swords of Revealing Light can be useful.
Here are some of my comments and opinions on some common cards in the Goat Control Format:
  • I hate Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive. Don't ask me why.... Okay fine I will say why.
    • I hate its artwork, it is a real ugly creature. xD And its suboptimal defensive stats failed me more often than not.
    • Literally the only two times I drew using Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive 's effect I drew into another Deikochi and I only played two. Damn my luck I hate you.
    • It is a personal preference type of thing, but I acknowledge its usefulness and effectiveness. It is definitely more effective when paired with Mystic Tomato and Tsukuyomi.
  •  I love Gravekeeper Guard. 1900DEF repels Airknight Parshath and wastes your opponent's effort and time used to tribute summon that angel monster. It also surprises Exarion Universe when they are looking to pierce and expecting a Magician of Faith.
  • Speaking of which, Airknight Parshath is as close to a boss monster of the format as it can get.
  • Exarion Universe is a very interesting card - trading ATK points for piercing damage, which can backfire easily considering how many large DEF monsters are in the era.
    • I also understand the controversy surrounding this card. Basically the timeline puts its release around the same time as Cyber Dragon, which is the card that made Goat Format obeselete. However, I felt that adding it into my decks would increase the skill level required for playing, and also, it is such as widely adopted practice.
  • I love how 'stun' and anti-meta Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer is in this format. Cripples their graveyard resources (Sinister Serpent) and prevents Black Luster Solider - Envoy of the Begginning from even landing on the field.
    • And looking back now I appreciate how it managed to stay around for all these years and still remain somewhat relevant in recent years.
    • Performapal Performages and Dracoslayer Performapals gainst Monarchs, Spellbooks against D-Rulers, against and in Chaos Dragon decks.
    • And yes, it also exists in Gold Rare, which is my favourite rarity.
  • I considered ignoring Deliquent Duo. It is a real broken card and can eliminate any chances of a comeback, but thinking again, it adds another level of thinking into the format - set your cards and risk Heavy Storm or just risk Deliquent Duo while trading away 1000LP from your opponent. I have yet to locate two copies for the two decks though.
  • Ring of Destruction - pre-errata is so fun. Ending duels all of a sudden, forcing duels to a tie.
  • My first competitive-viable deck is Chaos Dragon, so you can just imagine how much I love Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Begginning.
  • I enjoy the 'tech' cards and fun interaction between players. It is also a nice format to employ a burn tactic as an alternate win condition, contributing to Ring of Destruction's effect.
    • Poison of the Old Man, Magical Cylinder
    • I like Ceasefire too. It stops flip effect and burns for damage too, inching you closer to victory. There is a reason why it was Limtied.
  • Reusing Pot of Greed again and again is so fun. Magician of Faith I love you.
    • Greed is good.

Other variants that existed during the time were Zoo Beatdown, Deikochi Dimension Fusion turbo and Chaos control, But I didn't want to build them since they weren't as 'skill-intensive' as I felt it was. I agree that it is a nice concept, as you overpower your opponent by brute force and force them to consume resources to stay alive, but I feel that it isn't what I was looking for when I wanted to revisit the past metagames.

I read a line which I really agree on when googling on the format, and that is The number of possible game states that could exist is infinite for the format.

Goat Format is amazing, and I find myself liking it more and more, so much that I bothered typing this whole long chunk of words for this article. The mirror matches are never boring, even after months of playing I will dare say. So at least this deck is looking to last me for quite a while.

I got SanganFTK to play with me. (Poor him, wanting to play Solemn Judgement at three, then Chaos Sorceror and Thunder Dragon at three, only to face the reality of the 40-card deck limit.)

Best of all, it has my fav card - Breaker the Magicial Warrior.
Reasons I love the card:
  • It is a Monster form of destruction, one of the first few, and probably the first that is viable and useful.
  • I felt that the card was designed very balancedly. You trade stats for a destruction effect. Many monsters also fall between 1600 and 1900 ATK, so sometimes you want to hold off using its effect.
  • It came a long way, once Forbidden, now Unlimited.
  • Nostalgia and biased - It is the first foil card I received, breeding my love for the Gold Rare foil, much to the disagreement and disgust of my fellow friends such as Scrublas and MyPochi. I also feel that the Gold Rare outline compliments the card's red colour scheme. 
  • I like the pose of the card in its artwork, I think it makes for a very nice playmat design. I understand that it has been previously released before, but I have always been tweaking with a custom design of my own, yet to be finalised.
I really like how the Side Deck is very diverse, unlike how Side Deck in recent years is playsets of everything. Don't get me wrong, I am the type that likes simplifying my Side Deck with 5 playsets of cards, but I recall enjoying Side Decking the most in my competitive days when I was playing Dr Pe (Performapal Dracoslayers), whereby my Side Deck would consist of toolbox cards such as Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer paired with two Imperial Iron Wall or Starship Spy Plane and Trap Eater to get around Anti-Spell Fragrance without waiting for a turn.

In short, I like 'toolbox' and 'engines' as Side Deck material.


I even thought of bringing some 'boss' monster concept into the deck, whereby each deck will have an 'Out-of-time' boss monster to summon out, instead of Chaos monsters. Ideas that surfaced were Ancient Gear Golem and Beast King Barbaros. But ultimately I kept the deck as pure as possible. There are still a few loose cards that I have yet to locate, and after gathering the deck, and playing without proxies I am looking forward to make a video and article commentary.

Still loving the format, still loving the deck. I hope to bring a video soon. Until then, stay tuned.
-Ken Sir
The blank cards are Tribe Infecting Virus and Deliquent Duo.
Performapal Guitarturtle is Magician of Faith.

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