Saturday, 3 June 2017

Goat Format: Deck Profile - Zoo Beatdown

Not your typical Zoo Beatdown, I will warn you.


Vorse Raider is there because I don't have Berserk Gorilla.

Don Zaloog, a main-ed Mystic Swordsman Lv 2 extends my Warrior Toolbox than what you will normally see. I really like both of them. I may drop Chiron the Mage to make space for other cards. For example, I would have went for 3 Exarion Universe simply because of how good its stats are. Now that Chaos is out of the picture, I need not worry about Attribute ratios.

Traps pack lots of hate. I would have went for 3 Trap Dustshoot if only I didn't hit my 41 card deck limit. 3 Solemn Judgment as it was indeed unlimited at that time.

I would have gotten rid of Exiled Force since Smashing Ground can probably do the same without consuming my Normal Summon, but I will monitor its progress for now.

The deck is still in its beta-testing phase. Card choices were made primarily with the objective to overpower the opponent and force them to use their Mirror Forces on singular monsters to stay alive. That is after all, what the gist of Zoo Beatdown is supposed to be.

I really admire the aggressiveness of the Zoo Beatdown deck, and it is interesting to see how such a contrary deck can appear in a control-based format like Goat Format. I still have my other decks, Chaos Turbo and Standard Goat, and I am hoping to record some video gameplays during the next meetup I have with my friends.

For those who missed out on the news, while I haven't completely given up on the competitive aspect of the game, I have been recently revisiting Goat Format (and playing Duel Links :D).

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