Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Goat Format Update - Deck Profile: Zoo Beatdown


Previously, for my Zoo Beatdown deck:

I bump Mystic Swordsman Lv 2 to two copies, because it is simply too good at answering threats. Don Zaloog is at one even though its effect is really useful. I am unfortunately running thin on space. I bumped Trap Dustshoot to a full playset, of three copies, because it is simply too good at crippling the opponent's chances of a comeback.

In favour of the addition of this two cards I had to remove a copy of Solemn Judgment, and one Chiron the Mage. Chiron the Mage has reputable stats, but I find myself seldom in the need to use its effect. Abyss Soldier + Sinister Serpent works wonders though.

There may still be more changes in the future. The toughest challenge for the Zoo Beatdown deck so far is the Gravekeeper engine in the Standard Goat control deck. 2000DEF from Gravekeeper's Spy is really troubling to get over, which is another reason why I need Mystic Swordsman Lv 2.

And of course, I managed to get Berserk Gorillas so Vorse Raider was replaced, despite its cool artwork. :(

I did, however, replace the third Berserk Gorilla with a third Exarion Universe. Exarion Universe was better stats when you take into account both ATK and DEF stats. Plenty of the players in this mini community like playing Book of Moon.

New decklist image:


I managed to get a few more friends to join the format and they are in the process of building the deck. Let's hope things work out and we get to have more players in the mini community. More players = more decks and more fun :D
And of course, different strategies add to the dynamics of a Goat Format match.
I faced another Hand Control (Nephthys-Goats) and my deck was unable to keep up with the aggressiveness of his deck. In view of that, I will have to further modify my build, perhaps removing the win-more options.

I got a few videos recorded. I will have them uploaded once I get it sorted out. I will post another blog update by then. So stay tuned~

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