Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Deck Profile: Mermail-Atlantean

A non-Zoodiac deck profile. #justsaying

An upload by Yugioh Intro to Expert Players caught my eye. A Mermail-Atlantean deck being featured.
Twitter: (Link)
Main Deck: 45 cards.

A Kaiju engine and mini PSY-Frame engine is included in the deck to give the deck an edge to compete against the current Zoodiac decks. If a hand-trap is launched during your own turn, PSY-Framegear Gamma can negate it while special summoning to the field alongside PSY-Frame Driver. This allows for a 2+6 Synchro Summon. Any other window of special summon, such as during the opponent's turn, you will have to sacrifice and risk PSY-Frame Driver being banished.

Mermail Abyssteus allows you to launch into a series of plays at the cost of discarding a WATER monsters.
  1. Summoning Mermail Abyssteus, search out Mermail Abyssocea
  2. Normal summoning the latter, target Mermail Abyssteus for its effect, dismantling it into a Level 3 and Level 4 Mermail. Mermail Abyssgunde and either Mermail Abyssspike or Mermail Abyssturge fits the profile. 
  3. Xyz summoning Wind-Up Zenmaioh using the special-summoned Level 3 Mermail monster and Mermail Abyssocea.
  4. Activate Wind-Up Zenmaioh's effect to summon out Wind-Up Shark.
  5. Xyz summon Bahamut Shark using Wind-up Shark and the special-summoned Level 4 Mermail monster.
  6. Activate Bahamut Shark's effect, summoning out Toadally Awesome.
It is for this reason, I suspect, that Gamecial, the Sea Turtle Kaiju is favored and played at three copies in the deck. In order to rush out Toadally Awesome, Wind-Up Shark also has a part to play. (Hence the single copy.)

Interestingly, the Spell/Trap removal options are all in the Side Deck.

The deck feels like a go-second deck in nature, launching into an OTK by dishing out tons of damage, after clearing the board. The large number of Hand Traps and the Kaiju engine further supports the notion of leading second for the games. But going first, the players can still make plays, such as initiating a lockdown using Toadally Awesome.

It is indeed refreshing to see a deck that can hold on its own without the use of a Zoodiac engine, in the current age of dueling.

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