Sunday, 8 January 2017

Singapore Metagame Report 070117

January 2017 OCG Metagame Report

A tournament of 18 players was held as part of the Ranking Tournaments for SG Rank-Up League Season 4. The format was a five-round Swiss.

1 Volcanic Zoodiac Empowered
2 Paleozoic (1 Frog Variant, 1 Volcanic Variant)
2 Metalfoes (2 Zoodiac Variants)
6 Magician (4 Zoodiac-Invoker Variants, 1 Zoodiac Variants, 1 Performapal Variant)
1 Wind Witch Invoker
2 Zoodiac (1 Pure Variant, 1 Invoker-Kaiju Variant)
1 Burning Abyss (Ritual Variant)
1 60-card deck Infernoid
1 Blue-Eyes
1 Dark Magician

Volcanic Paleozoic took the crown and won the day's event. Volcanic Zoodiac Empowered came as a close second. Third place was secured by Pure Zoodiacs and GeoTheBacon came in fourth with his Performapal "Pendulum" Magicians

The metagame is slowly shaping itself in the new year. Volcanics caught plenty by surprise, with its ability for a board-wipe and burn damage to inch the user closer to victory. Foolish Burial of Belongings gave the Volcanic engine a faster option to dump Blaze Accelerator Reload into the grave, even in the absence of Lavalval Chain. Easy access to Daigusto Emeral via the Zoodiac engine ensured that Scattershots effect can be reused.

Magicians are large in numbers, and armed themselves with their Breaker the Magical Warrior and Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer. However, none of the 7 players today managed to end the day undefeated. Zoodiac seems to have solidified themselves as the most reliable engine to pair alongside Pendulum "Magicians". GeoTheBacon felt more comfortable with the  Performapals as an engine.

Zoodiacs made it to the third place, having increased their arsenal of traps by adding Torrential Tribute and Mirror Force. This is all to secure a sense of board control and stun element to their deck, while they farm for resources and combo pieces. Limiting Speedroid Terrortop and Fire Formation - Tenki hurts the deck, but they aren't out of the competition just yet.

It would seem that ABC decks has finally departed the competitive scenes.

We are expecting a massive metagame shift when the next weekend comes, with Maximum Crisis' release. On an ending note, do note the small sample size for the event. Unfortunately, this is the average turnout for our weekly local tournaments.

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  1. Do you have the paleo volcanic and wind witch magician deck lists? I would love to see those.