Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Rumored: Master Rule 4

Disclaimer: Rumored
Felt obligated to post this, given that it was floating around the internet. So, let's spread it more I guess.


1) Basically states that lifepoints goes from 8000 to 12000. It seems that this change will be reflected in the anime as well. Let's first hold off our rage/rants/shock regarding the implications of this change. 

Right off the bat, Ancient Leaf would be the new Upstart Goblin

Normal Spell Card
If you have 9000 Life Points or more, you can pay 2000 Life Points to draw 2 cards.

2) The player who goes first is now NOT allowed to Pendulum Summon. 

3) A new banish zone will now be located behind the far left (?) Spell/Trap card zone.

4) The introduction of the 4th deck (第4デッキ) located, in contrast behind the far right Spell/Trap card zone. The 4th deck will have a limit of 15 cards.

5) Next up is the conditions and mechanics of the new summoning method. Untranslated for now.

2種類目のヒントは多様なカード(通常 融合 シンクロ エクシーズ ペンデュラム 魔法 罠等)やレベル、属性、種族を駆使した召喚

Unrelated. A mention that new protagonist will have two summoning methods.

Correct me if I am wrong about anything/incorrect translation. We will bring you updates as they come.

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