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Zoodiac-Magicians Decklist

12z Magicians, 12z-Pendulums etc etc
Decklist by Scrublas

Source: (@Nickyolas)

Main Deck:
3 x Zoodiac Marmorat
3 x Zoodiac Viper
3 x Maxx C
1 x Performapal King Bear
1 x Dragoons of Draconia
1 x Performapal Skullcrobat Joker
2 x Wisdom-Eye Magician
1 x Dragonpulse Magician
3 x Iris Magician
3 x Poison Ivy Magician
2 x Black Fang Magician
1 x White Wing Magician
2 x Tune Magician
1 x Oafdragon Magician

3 x Elemental Triangle of the Zoodiacs
1 x Fire Formation - Tenki
2 x Duelist Advent
2 x Pendulumgraph of Ages
1 x Wavering Eyes
1 x Harpies' Feather Duster

3 x Dimensional Boundary
2 x Pendulumgraph of Spacetime

Extra Deck:
1 x Zoodiac Tigress
1 x Zoodiac Baorbow
2 x Zoodiac Broadbul
2 x Zoodiac Drancia
1 x Number 39: Utopia
1 x Number S39: Utopia the Lightning
1 x Startime Magician
1 x Daigusto Emeral
1 x Trapeze Magician
1 x Castel the Skyblaster Musketeer
1 x Ignister Prominence, the Blasting Dracoslayer
1 x Crimson Blader
1 x Stardust Dragon

Side Deck:
2 x Torrential Tribute
1 x Compulsory Evacuation Device
1 x Eternal Nightmares
1 x Dark Hole
2 x Cosmic Cyclone
2 x Book of Moon
1 x D.D. Crow
3 x Artifact Lancea
2 x Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit

(The [Salt] card is a customised icon for our Dueling "C" blogmates whereas Korean Ghost Rare Beatrice the Eternal Lady and Scr Dante, Traveller of the Burning Abyss are few of Scrublas' prized possessions. #Rich)

The Zoodiac engine is capable of supporting the Magician deck. It makes up for the shortcomings of Iris Magician, which is unable to destroy itself by its own effect during the first turn of the duel (due to the lack of a Battle Phase). Many TCG players are too blinded with rage about the Zoodiac's popularity  existence that they forget Zoodiac Drancia outs floodgates easily. This prevents Anti-Spell Fragrance or Imperial Order from simplifying the duel.

Performapal King Bear and Dragoons of Draconia are both bread and butter of any pendulum decks playing the Zoodiac engine. Both are pendulum monsters that happen to fall under the Beast-warrior category, making them searchable via the Zoodiac Broadbull.

Dragonpulse Magician is played at one copy due to Rescue Rabbit being dropped from the deck. It is a searchable means of destruction, being capable of destroying a face-up monster on the field. It could either trigger Startime Magician's mill or remove an opposing monster from the board.

3:3:2:1 is more of Scrublas' preferred ratio to run in his deck. Other players tweak with Violet Poison Magician's ratio from 1-3, while White Wing Magician is sometimes played at two copies.

Tune Magician sometimes see play at three, but I once convinced him that since it is searchable, two should suffice. The slot can be put to better use for including other cards.

Duelist Advent goes amazingly well with the deck, being capable of searching out Pendulum Call and the Pendulumgraph Spell/Trap. It extends into plays and has activation conditions that can be easily met. It has certainly aided in the deck's consistency.

Pendulum Call is staple for assembling your scales. Wavering Eyes is in the Main instead of the Side since, unlike other Pendulum decks like Metalfoes, plenty of the scales benefit from destruction, especially Iris Magician.

The traps in the deck hold no surprises. Dimensional Boundary is the best trap of the format if you ask me. Versatile and chainable, it is hard for the opponent to prevent it from going off with the common trap removal options. Night Beam is a no-show so far. In almost every aspect, I consider it to be a better trap than Solemn Strike for this format.

Extra deck wise is a matter of mashing the best of Rank4s and Level8 synchros to meet the standards of the format. Crimson Blader is a new addition to answer the recently released True Kings. It is also relevant in an Invoked matchup.

Side Deck:
  • Torrential Tribute and Compulsory Evacuation Device are just alternate forms of disruption that might work better when going second as opposed to Dimensional Boundary.
  • Eternal Nightmares, couples with Cosmic Cyclone aims to deliver against threats such as Anti-Spell Fragrance and Imperial Order.
  • Artifact Lancea is a staple Side Deck card for the format, considering Invoked and Infernoid decks.
  • A lone D.D. Crow prevents deckouts by Manticore of Darkness loop, and may come in handy at times.
  • Book of Moon, Dark Hole are used to tear apart board setups, while Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit ensures that when going second, it won't be a total staring contest as you watch your opponent build his board.

This is Scrublas' preferred method of building the deck.
There are, however, more ways to go about it.
  1. One can always include a higher lineup of Dracoslayer monsters, namely Master Pendulum, the Dracoslayer. Not only can it be summoned out by Ignister Prominence, the Blasting Dracoslayer, it can be searched out by the latest support card - Duelist Advent.
  2. With more Normal monsters in the deck, Rescue Rabbit can also be played.
  3. The Level1 retrained version, Tuning Magician can also be played, despite its shortcomings. Being a DARK spellcaster, it is also searchable, although it can't be pendulum summoned out. It gives the deck access to Level5 and Level9 synchros available in the game. Hi-Speedroid Chambara can be used as a show of strength. Being able to deal 4600 damage alone, it is probably second to none in offensive among the Level5 synchros. Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier can cripple the opponent's resources while surprising them with the deck's ability to summon out Level9 synchros.
  4. I would personally suggest Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer and Breaker the Magicial Warrior in the Side Deck.
One thing is for certain - Magicians are far from dead. Despite Imperial Order being at one and the existence of Anti-Spell Fragrance, pendulum users brave the storms and seek ways to smash through these floodgates.

Taking into consideration some feedbacks I received, we will try to incorporate more decklists uploads and discussion for our readers in the future. Most of it will either be our own decks or some interesting decks that we witnessed at our locals.

Should you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

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