Monday, 8 May 2017

A message from MyPochi

Hey guys MyPochi here.
Sadly, this time I bring sad news.
This will likely be one of my last few articles in the Dueling "C" group.

The time has come -  I am quitting Yugioh.

When LINK Format was announced, I decided to go casual and stop participating in my local Rankings Tournament. (And play Goat-Format with Ken Sir once in a while)
It was a harsh transition.
However, as my school holidays ended, I realised I was swamped with school commitments.

So I finally made the decision to quit Yugioh once and for all. I started clearing my bulks, staples, card sets and decks.

All that remains are my two favourite archetype, Nekroz and Burning Abyss. They both served me well for plenty of years and formats. Maybe I will write more about them in the future.

I am borrowing a deck to play for this upcoming Asia Championship Qualifiers 2017 before finally leaving. If it is meaningful enough for me, I may compose an article about it.

Hopefully, I will be able to stay updated with Yugioh news and write more articles for you readers even after quitting the game competitively. If I find the inspiration I will.

Once again
MyPochi here, signing off.
Hopefully not permanently.

Ken Sir:
Well, like Traveller of the Burning Herpes, DAM SON/MyPochi takes a step back from competitive to focus on his other commitments. He made some progress and achievements in life, although I/We won't reveal much, the rest of the team wishes him all the best.

I certainly hope that he will be back, as I am confident either new support for Nekroz/Burning Abyss will lure him back into the game. 
Also hopefully, once in a while, he can reminisce about the game and write an article or two whenever he is missing his deck.

 It ain't goodbye because we will meet again. -Akiza from Yugioh 5d's

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