Monday, 15 May 2017

Goat Format: Update #3



A few interesting new things that I have learned. Some players employ Elephant Statue of Disaster as a tech card to counter hand-depleting cards such as Spirit Reaper, Don Zalog and of course Deliquent Duo.
When this card is sent from your hand to your Graveyard by an opponent's card effect: Inflict 2000 damage to your opponent.

Electric Snake functions in a similar fashion, allowing you to draw two if it gets discarded by the opponent's card effect. While both cards function really well against determined Hand Destruction decks, they don't syngergise with Graceful Charity and thus do not deserve a Main Deck spot. With a small community in Singapore currently, I don't forsee myself with the need of such cards yet. So far, no one has bear so much hatred for hand advantage to warrant the use of such techs.

Having completed my Chaos Turbo decklist, I am heading towards making a third and fourth deck for the format. It wasn't my initial intentions but the spares cards that I have prompted such actions. After all, it is unlikely that I will ever find use for the 20 copies of Dust Tornado lying around. In addition, I plan to take a step back from competitive play after this coming Asian Championship Qualifiers so devoting time into casual play via the Goat Format will help me kill some time. Hopefully, I can also convince more players to join me on this venture and form a small community.

The third deck will likely be a beatdown deck, resembling the Zoo Beatdown of the format. Originally, the deck is named after the plenty of animals in the deck:.....
However, I am missing Berserk Gorilla and Abyss Soldier. I won't make it a point to scout for them, but will keep an eye out if I come across them.

The fourth deck I am planning is a variant of Standard Goat Control without the Gravekeeper's engine. I felt that it will carry a different feel, despite my liking for the engine. I will likely modify it after Brian Long’s Goat Control deck from Shonen Jump Boston in September 2005.

Source: ygoprodeck

However, with a third and fourth deck, it looks like I have to go looking for more copies of the Trinity - Graceful Charity, Pot of Greed, Deliquent Duo.

Reasons to play Goat Format

Recent Booster Packs such as Duelist Pack: Phaorah Memories and Duelist Road -Piece of Memory- Side: Yugi Muto are considered 'poor products' for competitive use. Yet they consist of plenty of cards from the old days that can be put to good use if you play older formats.
Previous Gold Series sets and 20th Anniversary Pack 1st Wave also consist of Goat Format staples, such as D.D. Warrior Lady, Magician of Faith, Tsukoyomi.

The main reason that spurred me to play this old format was the countless copies of old 'Staples' I had lying around. Dust Tornado, Sakerastu Armor, Mirror Force, plenty of them were all from Starter Deck reprints that are unlikely to serve a future purpose in competitive play. I swear I must have at least 10 copies of Ring of Destruction lying around. Also, I had some TCG cards from back in the days where I still purchased them. Goat Format just felt like a useful way to put these cards to good use. The fun of the format is a nice bonus though.

As I have mentioned before, Goat Format is a fresh start for newer players to experience the older days of Yugioh. A simple mistake of setting as opposed to summoning your monster goes a long way. It is truly a test of ability for players.

I am considering placing the semi-limited Upstart Goblin into the Chaos Turbo deck. With double draw and Thunder Dragon, I am fairly confident in the deck's capabilities.

Currently I am still reviewing each playable card's utility and effectiveness. I hope to bring some interesting tech ideas that are LIGHT or DARK into the duels. 

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