Monday, 1 May 2017

Thank you message

Thanks to everyone for your continued support for the blog and my work on the other sites, both Ygoprodeck and BeyondTheDuel.

I hope that this blog has managed to provide you with interesting articles, deck profiles and content to make Yu-Gi-Oh an interesting hobby for you to have. I personally enjoy writing articles for others to read as well, and I thank everyone who reads for providing views and motivation for me to continue reading.

Blogmates, both lazy and hardworking, thanks for all your contributions. From providing content + information for my articles to small things such as correcting my minor errors and mistakes.

I hope everyone is doing well, no matter from which corner of the globe you are reading this from. Feel free to say hello to us on our Facebook Page or my twitter (@kensir096).

Four out of Twelve months in 2017 has passed. And the game continues to change and evolve. I hope that for the past four months we have lived up to your expectations, and we look forward to continue being your newspaper for the card game in the following months.
As usual, if you have any requests for articles, please list them down in the Comments below and we will try our absolute best to answer your demands.

We are currently looking to produce an article on Crystons, previously requested by one of our readers. We are really taking our time to collate a comprehensive guide, instead of just rushing out a rushed-out version.

Hope to see you around~
-Ken Sir


  1. Wish you can do older decks and bring them back into today touraments. For example gadget deck with the new ancient gadget monster and machine duplication

  2. I second this