Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Magical Explosion FTK in 2017.04 OCG

I won't try to understand the deck. But wow...


Source: @shizimi4542


The unfamiliar Side Deck card is Dino-sauring.

The deck revolves around draw power via spells to thin the deck and stack the graveyard with sufficient cards for its two killer traps to work.

Unfortunately the whole strategy is easily thwarted by Droll and Lock Bird and possibly interfered by Ash Blossom and Joyous Spring. The Shaddoll engine provides deck thinning and some draw power, while justifying Spellbook of Rudra's position in the deck.

The Bamboo Sword archetype is probably notable for being the most reliable card to fit into the deck's strategy for the format, now that Pantheism of the Monarchs is at one. The Dark World archetype helps a bit with Dark World Dealings.

The Extra Deck is likely just a smokescreen, to trick your opponent into misassumptions with a 15-card Extra Deck.

An unreliable deck, but nevertheless a very cunning method to tilt your opponent.

I wonder if anyone is playing this deck during this coming Sunday's ACQ.

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