Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Coz guessing is fun and predicting is addicting.

Call it a vote, call it a wishlist, call it a prediction:

The Next Structure Deck R archetype/theme

  1. Harpies !!!
  2. Six Samurai !!!
  3. Agents !!! Fairies !!!
  4. Dragonuity  !!!
  5. Ojamas. [Hopes and Wishs of Mr Traveller of Burning Herpes]
  6. Red-Eyes [GeoTheBacon]
  7. Geargia [GeoTheBacon]
  8.  Dark World [GeoTheBacon]
  9.  Lightlords [GeoTheBacon]   (you wait long long. impossiburu. -KenSir)
  10.  Anything that isn't SP-Format yet !

 Feel free to comment your hopes & wishes for the next Structure Deck R.
We are not konami but we will join you in our prayers. #lulz  

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