Tuesday, 15 March 2016

BA in OCG April 2016

Yup, now it is Burning Abyss' turn.

Edit #1: 160316 - 1800hrs

  • As predicted, the deck shifts its focus towards other level 3 toolbox monsters to make xyz summoning even faster.
  • Beatrice drops in quantity now that Dante has been reduced to 1.
  • With more space in the Extra Deck, instant fusion is used to summon the newly released Thousand Eye Restrict. Playing 2 extra deck targets with 3 Instant Fusion means that the 3rd unused copy can be discarded to fulfil the cost of Twin Twister.
  • Levair the Sea Dragon would also likely see more play, possibly in tandem with the unlimited Allure of Darkness in the future.
  • Looking forward to BA players abusing Dark boss monsters such as Dark Creator and Dark Armed Dragon once more.
  • Edit #1: With these changes, BA will have to shift away from Skill Drain, as this card would do more harm than good to the new BA builds. This provides an interesting turn of events, as it gives decks such as Qliphort a chance to make a break in the next meta.

Edit #1:

  • One main change from the previous build is that this BA build chooses to exploit Galaxy Cyclone instead of Twin Twister, for fear that a milled twin twister would be dead and costly.
  • Dark Hole makes a return in the main deck after going missing for serveral months. Recovery options were also ran in the form of Soul Charge and Pot of Avarice.
  • Instead of the Phantom Beast monsters, this build opted to run Mathematician, as a suitable level 3 for the deck, and also for its milling capabilities. 
  • This deck user also seems adamant about reusing his fallen Dante, as seen from the 3 copies of Oasis of Dragon Souls. Oasis was probably chosen over Call of the Haunted due to Dante's high defensive stats, and also that it could trigger Graff and Cir's abilities without taking any attack damage.

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