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Banlist predictions for 2016 April

It is the time of the year again.

Now let's do this with some luck and logic~

Dracoslayers Performapals (DracoPals)


Let's first talk about the searchers of this deck.
Joker and Monkeyboard are essentially a one card pendulum scale AND a monster on the field. A level 4 xyz material waiting to be used.
Sure, it is cruel to attack the Monkey card in the year of the monkey, but it can't be helped if it really is that broken.
Joker is bound to succumb to the banlist sooner or later, just like what happens to Stratos, the searcher monster of the top decks in their respective prime time. Let's just hope this 1800Atk points beatstick doesn't fall behind the bars forever just like TCG Stratos does.

Monkeyboard 3 > 1
Joker 3 > 2/1

We have talked about the Pals, let's now talk about the Dracos.
Clash provides an unfair advantage to the user, allowing a special summon right off the bat or half a complete scale. If not, it allows the player to stack a Dracoslayer/Dracoverlord monster in the extra deck, prepared to be special summoned.
Ignister is both a +1 (and again a special summon from deck), and a free non-targeting, non-destruction removal. Ignister is actually the main reason for the swarming and the clearing of field for an OTK. Konami has never been known to let such broken cards, in terms of cards with quantity and quality effects, escape the wrath of the banlist. Its high attack stats also sets itself apart from the boss monsters of the other archetypes, such as Beatrice and the Heaven and Underworld Monarch, besting each respective boss monsters by a mere, but important, 50atk points.
Luster P, the most underrated card up until EMEm made its mark, is also bound to be hit as well, being a searchable-and-special-summon-able-from-the-deck tuner monster.

Luster P 3 > 1
Ignister 3 > 1
Clash of Dracorivals 3 > 1

With 4 effects stacked into one card, Wavering Eyes seem to be the determining factor of card advantage in a mirror match. This, in my opinion, is extremely luck-based. Some say this is the only card that rouge decks stand a chance to win with, but I feel that it should not remain unlimited.

Wavering Eyes 3 > 1

Pendulum Soceror, is essentially a +0, with the 'destroy 2 and add 2' clause. With cards like Plushfire now gone, it is safe to say that now many cards can benefit (as much as Plushfire did) with the destruction effect. 
However, much like what happened with the Dragon Rulers, I believe that our Dante in disguise will sooner or later be semi-limited and perhaps, limited in the further future.

Pendulum Sorcerer 3 > 2

Burning Abyss


Burning Abyss has yet to really make its mark in the OCG metagame, having forever been overshadowed by Pendulum Archetypes.
The release of our poor level 3 fiend friend might bring about a boost to the deck, bringing in another searcher for them. However, the end of Sangan's adventure in the banlist world underworld would mean that Tourguide's status in the metagame would need to be observed, perhaps leading to a semi-limitation.
Armageddon Knight is a long overdue unban, in my opinion. It simply doesn't make sense for Mathematician (an arguably better card in terms of effect and stats) to be at 3 back then, and for Knight to be at 1. Knight was banned in a bid to promote play for Mathematician, and now that old man Math is behind bars, sitting at 1, it is time for our Dark Night to rise again, back to the unlimited status.

Sangan 0 > 1
Tourguide 3 > 2/1
Armageddon knight 1 > 3

Crush Card Virus has not seen much play, especially with its nerf. Similar to other cards which received an erratum, I believe it will slowly but surely make its way to its unlimited status.

Crush Card Virus 2 > 3



There is not much to hit or say about Monarchs since they have been making even less presence than Burning Abyss. Pandiety does indeed provide an unfair advantage in terms of a draw AND a search, but that has always been what Monarchs needed for consistency and card advantage to compete in the current metagame. To ban or limit it would be cruel, but to let it at 3 forever would be unfair. Personally I don't see this happening now, but perhaps sooner or later. So I will leave its predicted fate to be semi-limited at worst. Surprise me Konami.

Pandiety of Monarch 3 >2/1
Stormforth of Monarch 3 > 2 



Newer players may not know how the older players felt when Mystical Space Typhoon was at 1. 
Almost no other card has been so meta-changing and inclusive since the introduction of Pot of Duality. Twin Twister (along with Solemn Notice) has crawled itself into the metagame as a staple in most decks ever since it first came out. A newly evolved card destruction provides players with a more suitable form of destruction in today's pendulum-spells and backrow-traps metagame.
A rightout limit might be unlikely, but I forsee a semi limit in preparation for a limited in further formats.
The same thing can be said for Solemn Notice. Solemn Judgment and Solemn Warning were both at 3, and slowly reduced to 2 and 1. I don't see which Notice should be any different. From my point of view, it is only a matter of time.

Twin twister 3 > 2 > 1
Solemn Notice 3 > 2 > 1



 This section includes the other cards that came into my mind when I was thinking about the metagame.
Dragon Ravine & Super Rejuvenation  deserves to be semi-limited, especially since the ones who put it under the watch of Konami's banlist is now gone. Straight to 3 may be too greedy and too much to ask for, but it will indeed be a brave step for Konami to take.
Many are saying a semi-limitation of REDMD will occur soon, but that too, is a risky move to make and I am not in favour of that... YET. it will indeed however, resolve the issue to the underwhelming Dragon Archeypes introduced into the game. Poor red eyes and blue eyes.

D-Hero cards are suggested due to the newly announced Edo Phoenix return, which made D-Hero cards in Japan gaining a lot of hype. I will be ROFL if Konami pulls a bull and make Edo use a totally different xyz archetype lol.
Disc Commander's release may be accompanied by an erratum.

Mezuki is a long shot, but not completely impossible. Shiranui has not made its presence felt AT ALL, in the metagame, and a close attempt to support it may lead to this change being seen.

Goyo is long overdue. Big Eye is argubly harder to remove from the field yet Goyo sits behind the ban-bars. Goyo was what made Blackwing rise to fame and strength back in the days and Goyo being unbanned may help the level 3 toolbox deck Speedroids as well ! Surely an unban by Goyo will be better than continuously putting in effort to print more Blackwing cards.

Dragon Ravine 1 > 2
Super Rejuvenation   1 > 2
D-Hero Malicious 2 > 3
D-Hero Disc Commander 0 > 1
Mezuki 2 > 3
Goyo Guardian 0 > 1

Recent Konami changes has been short and concise, touching only on a few cards. I miss the days when more archtype were taken into consideration for the new list. 
But perhaps the last list was Konami's way to quickly stopping things from escalating, hence they pushed what-was-closest-to-a-reset-button.

(Poor Performages. Performapals goes unscathed coz Dennis is Academia)

Edit: GeoTheBacon mentioned how plausible it is for Konami to ban Naturia Beast given that it is not reprinted along with glow-up bulb in GOLD PACK  2016, showing Konami's intention to not make it SP format. Imo, I think Beast is manageable. There are outs to it and with Solemn Notice everywhere, Beast isn't a Shock Master that warrens the banhammer.
Of course, not all predictions would be fulfilled,
but it would please me to know that some are at least right
as that would mean that my reasoning is sound.

As always, I look forward to a healthy and balanced metagame where I can inflict my cancer upon.

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