Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Infernoids in OCG April 2016

With the limitation of the deck's main milling engine, both Reasoning AND Monster's Gate, can Infernoids continue to survive in the meta?

GeotheBacon mentioned something important which I forgot to include in the recent banlist discussion. These are his words:

Infernoids has managed to establish themselves as a solid Tier 2 deck, and possibly the best Tier 2 deck. It is one of the few decks, if not only, that is able to safely abuse Cyber Stein and also Left Arm Offering, a card that can search out ANY spell in the deck but is essentially a minus 2. (So can D-Rulers, but they are dead.) However, Infernoids need not worry much about the minus 2, as a searched Reasoning or Monster's Gate can replenish their resources and the mill may far outweigh the disadvantage caused by the minus 2.This is probably why their main engine is hit. With 9 cards in their deck to provide them with a significant advantage, Infernoids would have likely crept up the tier list upon the demise of the current meta decks.

Today, we will ake a look at how the deck can progress in the months to come, despite the difficulties it faces.


  • The first build suggested chooses to mix in the Dark World archetype into the deck, now that the deck loses its milling capabilities. The draw-and-drop approach is used not only to fill the graveyard but also activate the effects of Dark World monsters to swarm.
  • The boss monsters of the Infernoid archetype are dropped, leaving the sole level 8 Infernoid to support Grapha, allowing the deck to access Rank 8 monsters.

  •  Having chosen to rely on the deck's theme's milling card (Void Dream), Infernoids can now opt to run hand traps, such as Effect Veiler and Maxx C, something that was previously never done before.
  • Being slower-paced than before, Infernoid now has to rely on their archetype's spell and trap support.

  •  One can choose to cling onto the milling capabilities of this deck, as suggested in the 3rd possible suggested build.
  • The lightlord engine replaces the loss of 2 copies of Reasoning and Monster's Gate respectively, despite it being on a smaller scale and impact. (Let's just hope players aren't unlikely enough to mill all 3 Lightlord monsters in their deck upon paying the cost of Charge of the Light Brigade).
  • Void Dream also remains to provide more removal options, with the help of N'TSS, and mills.

  • Rekindling probably caught your eye off the bat, which is a creative alternative. However, it would seem that only Decatron fits the description as a target for this new addition to the deck.
  • Rekindling can also be used as a search target for Left Arm Offering too. (Duh)

Final words:

Cyber Stein drops out of sight completely in these suggested build, due to the higher risk of its effect being negated and 5000LP paid in vain, now that Lilith is unlikely to be summoned out as consistently & quickly as before.
An interesting mix of spell/traps are used to make up for the loss of the deck's engine but it all boils down to effectiveness and personal preferences. 
Infernoid Vael is also seeing more play than before in the following suggested builds.

Infernoid is now slowing moving away from the previous lockdown build, consisting of some tribute stun monsters, Naturia Exterio, and Infernoid Lilith. This deck will inevitably be slowed down due to its loss of the main engine, but it is definitely far from dead.

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