Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Monarch in OCG April 2016

Saw this post floating around on twitter.
Already players are starting to plan ahead.
Not sure how fast this build is though.

  • 1 Domain of the Monarchs was too inconsistent and not worth to trade away 15cards in the extra deck for.
  • Emergency Teleport continues to see play despite being limited.
  • Twin Twister's quantity is booster now that continuously discarding spell/traps via Panthetism is no longer possible.
  • Stormforth and Escalation is raised to 3 copies each too, possibly to hamper the opponent's moves during their turn.
  • Perhaps I will see a version of Psyframe Monarchs entering the metagame? :P
    • Previously tried a version of this deck but too inconsistent lol)

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