Saturday, 12 March 2016

120316 Local Rankings

First tourney report uploaded onto this blog where I don't play Yosenjus. #lolz

Deck Used: Draco-Pals (Dracoslayer Performapals)
12 man Tourney
4 round swiss

Round 1 - Vs Monarch XOO

It is Akira from RoadOfTheKing !
The day started off bad for me when I drew into Draco and Performapal cards that don't work together. Pretty soon, I was facing a lockdown with Dominion of the Monarch together with a tributed-summon Erbeus. Being unable to draw into my S/T destructions, I was forced to do a one card pendulum summon with Pendulum Magician to thin out my deck. Sadly, that didn't work as well and I surrendered after concluding that there was no way for me to turn the tables.
"A bad matchup right off the bat. What a bad way to start the day."
Thoughts during siding 

I opted to go 2nd for game two, and Akira just set a card in the monster and S/T zone. I started with a strong hand and went all out, uninterrupted, eventually clearning his backrow card (Stormforth of the Monarchs) and defeating his set monster (Eidos). I summoned Naturia Beast in Main Phase 2, and got a pseudo Pot of Greed two-card draw with Lizardraw and Guiturle, giving me both field and hand advantage. Akira scooped after his draw phase, probably after seeing no outs to Naturia Beast.

Akira opted to go 2nd in the third game. I went ahead with my combos, uninterrupted by any hand traps, and I managed to summon Naturia Beast yet again. However, Naturia Beast got taken out by Majesty's Fiend, summoned with the aid of the underworld squires, besting the former by 200LP. I sided heavily for Monarchs, knowing that it was a bad matchup, and it paid off brilliantly. Knowing that Majesty's Fiend prevented Ehther the Heavenly from summoning during my Main Phase as well, I flipped my set Imperial Iron Wall, before proceeding to break the lockdown with a Book of Eclipse. I stacked Kycoo, the Ghost Destroyer on the top of my deck with the effect of Lavalval Chain at Main Phase 2 after clearing his field. Iron Wall was destroyed by Kuraz the next turn, and the summoned Kycoo was flipped face-down by Landrobe the Rock the turn after that.
"Gawd, he has perfect outs of my sides."
The third game ended when Akira used up all his Eidos, the Underworld Squire to summon with the effect of Idea, the Heavenly Squire. Hence, he could not perform a 2nd normal summon to breakthrough my defenses. Being at 1300LP, I won due time being called, with my LP hanging at 7800.

Round 2 - Vs DDD XOO

It is GeoTheBacon !!!

A misplay costed me my first game after I went ahead to overplay my hand, forgetting that I took out my 2nd copy of Guiturtle this morning. After happily drawing off Lizardraw+Guiturtle previously in the game, I found myself unable to recover after having half a scale (Monkeyboard) and no suitable EM to place in the other scale for a pendulum summon.
An attempted lockdown by Sigfried in Game 2, which I opted to start 2nd, was torn apart by Wavering Eyes, and a Clash of the Dracorivals chaining to that. A destruction of 3 cards gave me the option to remove one card on the field from play (opponent had one card on his Pendulum Scale). A pendulum summoned followed and brought down his LP. What followed thereafter was a game of attrition, with my Naturia Beast being destroyed after slowing him down enough. The final stages of Game 2 saw my sided cards preventing him from finishing my life points off - Night Dracolich and Kycoo, the Ghost Destroyer. With Kali Yuga on the field, preparing to destroy my field, I spent my final turn in Game 2 summoning Pendulum Magician and xyz summoning into Number S39: Lighning Hope together with Kycoo.
Going second, my Maxx C kept my opponent's swarming at bay for Game 3. GeoTheBacon could only managed with a tourguide special summon and an xyz into Dante, Traveller of the Burning Abyss. He promised/theorised that he would have a "crazy field" if it were not for the Maxx C. I proceed to swarm and OTK next, seeing that the time limit of 35mins was almost up.

Round 3 - Vs Speedroid Phantom Knights Burning Abyss 

It's DAM SON !!!
Opponent started off with a strong field, summoning up to 2 Dantes with the help of Speedroid Terratop and his Burning Abyss monsters, and his searched Phantom Knights' Fog Blade providing board control for him. I was unable to find an out to his lockdown and soon found my lifepoints dwindling after he swarms the field and attacks.
My sided cards went MIA, which was very fustrating since Night Dracolich, Kycoo and Denko Sekka is really useful against his deck. I was brought down to 1000LP with the attacks of Dante and friends, and the final blow was delivered in the next turn.

Round 4 - Vs Infernoid

It's ....... someone I don't know !
Lost the dice roll and opponent game me the initiative. A summoned SkullCrobatJoker searching out Monkeyboard and Monkeyboard fetching for a complete scale was all I could managed. That, and a set Solemn Notice. Which turned out to be very crucial since it negated the effect of the normal-summoned Infernoid Decatron my opponent summoned on his turn. Two set cards stood in my way to OTK when my turn came. I cleared one of the cards with Ignister Prominence, and reduced his lifepoints to 3350.
Once again, Naturia Beast makes people scoop.
I sided out Eccentric Archfiend and was gripped with shock after he successfully summoned Naturia Exterio on his first turn, fearing that I had no outs. However, I dropped Maxx C after he activated  Card Destruction, and all of his special summons netted me draws and card advantage. Luckily for me, I managed to draw into Solemn Notice yet again, which took out Naturia Exterio (though I had to take attacks from both it and Infernoid Lilith first). With my opponent at 3000LP, the game concluded after I xyz summoned S39: Hope Lightning, after a successful Pendulum Summon.


DAM SON gave me the win for Round 3, and I ended up getting first place.
DAM SON came in second, and GeoTheBacon got third.
Traveller of the Burning Herpes came in first..... from the bottom, having lost all his games after deciding to pilot a new creative-fun deck today - Exodia Volcanics.

As for my part, I was glad that I managed to bring home some good results and performed (pun intended) well with this newly built deck. I have been learning how to play with this meta-favourite deck for the past month, and I am certainly glad it paid off. Piloting a popular meta deck has been a new experience for me, since I had always been building and using rogue decks since I started competitive Yugioh. Mirror matches were also a new thing to grasp for me, (never had a mirror match before lol. The closest was probably when I faced another anti-meta deck with my anti-meta deck) although I didn't have any mirror matches today.

Moving forward, it was a really fun day today and another weekly tourney completed brings us closer to the next banlist Which I speculate to be arriving around 15th March. I look forward to the next meta and hope that I would be able to come up with some creative techs/ideas and card choices after this deck (almost undoubtedly) gets hit/affected/slaughtered/murdered by Konami.

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