Monday, 8 August 2016

OCG Free Duel #1 Coverage

This is Ken Sir.
Ken Sir makes misplays.
Ken Sir is a bad player.
Don't be like Ken Sir.
Good morning guys. And this is the 3rd post on the blog for today. Wow
Woke up in the morning and decided to rush this article out. Not sure whether it can be considered a coverage. But this article shall serve as means for me to explain the reason behind my plays, any misplays or better plays that I could have done. Majority of our conversation is also in our Mother Tongue - Mandarin, hence I guess I have the need to do some translation as well, lol.

And in case you are still lost, here is the video I am talking about.

It was something I came across when reading Reddit. Forgot who, and didn't remember the username. But generally, the community was hoping to see players do a 'commentary' on their duels and plays. SO here goes ours~

But before that, just would like to say Kudos to Dsummon for his amazing editing skills for the video. With the sound effects and the images and all. GeoTheBacon was very satisfied with the Akaba's voice effects. xD

So the duel begins. I lost my dice roll and thus Geo went first. Summoning Savant Kapler, he searched out his Dark Contract card - Dark Contract with the Gate. Obviously going to have to search his deck again due to Gate, I warned Geo jokingly not to trouble me to cut the deck before he searches.

So he searched out D/D Lamia, and then proceeded to fusion summon Flame King Genghis. Around this point you will hear some noisy kid in the background. That was K.Xavage.

This is where things gets interesting. He banished Swirl Slime for a special summon, and I decided to drop Maxx C right then. Why not before? When the first fusion summon begun?
Here is my reasoning: Should I have dropped my hand trap early, he would have opted to go for D'Arc instead, and probably ended his turn from there on. That way, I would have only gotten a draw from that single fusion summon, which didn't net me any significant hand advantage.
But now that I chained it to a special summon, not only will I get a draw from it, with Genghis on the field, GeoTheBacon is unlikely to forsaken the effect of Flame King in order to not let me draw. Thus I get another draw. At the bare minimum, I get to have a plus 1.

True enough, Geo starts lamenting that this complicates things a little, ("Now that's a bit difficult") as he is now stuck midway in his plays, contemplating whether to end his turn or continue. I replied by proudly declaring that I intentionally waited for this moment to drop Maxx C. Geo being Geo, he decided to either "Go big or go home".

"New strategy? Make me deck out?" I taunted. He continued his special summons, and I enjoyed my free draws. "So confident I wouldn't pull a Ghost Ogre from these draws?" I said.

So Geo ended his turn without a synchro summon. He could have done it during my turn with Formula Synchron's effect, so I guess he didn't want me to get another draw.

So my turn finally comes, and both Dsummon and Geo were amazed by my hand size. I was wary of the fact that Geo could destroy my scales once I paste them, and as Dsummon puts it, it goes 'boomz'. So in my moment of happiness with so many cards in my hand, I got too happy and forgot to plan ahead. And that is when things went horribly wrong.

What I did:
  • I placed a pair of Metalfoes on the scales, and as expected, it got destroyed. 
  • I then replaced the scales, and did a pendulum summon and a search.
What I should have done:
  • I should have placed the second set of scales first, prioritising to keep my metalfoes scales, as they were had served better as scales than Amorphage Sloth does.
The misplays!!!!

  1. I shouldn't have been able to pendulum summon Racoon as the scales were 3 and 8. Racoon's level was 3. I hadn't used up my normal summon, which I totally should have. I kept thinking that Sloth and Kirin shared the same scale number of 2.
  2. I shouldn't have been able to search out any cards as I had Sloth on the scales and I controlled an Armophage monster - another Sloth. It was something I overlooked as I rarely enter this type of situations, where I had two Sloths in hand. I barely draw them most of the time.

Well, you can hear some exchanges between us. Basically me being me, I joked about whether he wanted to dropped Ghost Ogre on Racoon's search, which wouldn't have done anything since Racoon's effect protects itself from destruction.

I wanted to set a metalfoes S/T from my deck, but Geo didn't forget he could negate my spells/traps. DAMN ~ "Fine fine. I get to keep my scales"

"Attack me, if you dare." Geo challenged. I am obviously NOT gonna do so. That freak is at 2800ATK. LOL.

With nothing else appealing to do, I proceeded to use my normal summon, despite not going to have a second search. Why not? I reasoned to myself. Racoon could be used for Kirin's effect the next turn. Set two, I ended my turn.

He banished Swirl Slime again, and I was contemplating whether to negate it or stop it. It can't be that card.  So I said okay. AND IT TURNED OUT TO BE THAT CARD -  Abyss Ragnorak. So I negated its effect.

"This is tough..." Geo complained. The camera couldn't capture my smirk at this moment. But I was giving him the "What'cha gonna do~?"
So I mentioned: "This is the part where you go: My gawd Kirby you have everything." It is a reference to an inside-joke that we had back when I played Yosenjus and he would always complain about the number of backrow floodgates I have set and activated. Once, I had Anti-Spell Fragrance, Vanity's, and Macro Cosmo all flipped up during his standby phase. #lol
(Ya, Kirby is my birth name.)

He wanted to concede, but I said I wanted to finish him off on camera. LOL. Why are we still friends?

Once again, being too happy with myself, I forgot to resolve Sloth's effect during my standby phase. Third misplay of the day. =_=
Looking back, I should have let my scale's Sloth destroy itself, so I could search out with Racoon's effect. Well, I didn't pendulum summon to let him gain any draws. Drawing D/D Orthros would prevent me from performing an OTK, which I would rather not risk.

He drew and set his card. I proceed to destroy all his hopes and dreams by destroying his only card.
As you can see from the video, we both had a good laugh and I was quick to extend my handshake.

And Geo was totally like:

"KIRBY YOU REALLY HAVE EVERYTHING~" And that concluded Game 1.


Game 2. Evidently, careless me forgot to return some cards from my extra deck to my main. (We didn't side.) He started off with Kapler again. Orz.

I didn't have Maxx C this time round. So all the while instead of drawing, I was all...

More summons. More and more special summons.
I proudly declare I would draw Super Polymerisation to escape the lockdown as he summons Crystal Wing. "Would you like to consider xyz summoning? I can lend you my copy of Felgrand, I joked."

So my turn came, and I DRAW !!!
Turns out to be a disappointing pendulum card.

With the mind to rush for game, I went ahead with a Pendulum Summon of everything I could. I would have died next turn anyway, even if I played cautiously. Siegfreid could attack first, dealing 28000 of damage, then use its effect for Crystal Wing to negate and gain Siegfreid's ATK points. And then a direct attack of 5800 for game.

Back to reality: Confidently, I placed three of my monsters on the field. Time to make my reversal, time for my comeback. Time for....

So I set a card. "It's Super Polymerisation !!!" I threatened. And now it is my turn for my hopes and reams to be destroyed. REVENGE~ " You wanna consider destroying the scales instead?" My final desperate attempt at protecting my face down card.
Is there an action magic around here somewhere where I can use?
Well, his next turn, he had to add insult to injury and summon another boss monster to OTK me. .


I opened with a hand full of Metalfoes pendulum monsters. My original plan with to go ahead with a pendulum summon followed by a fusion summon. But Maxx C made me change my plans. So I decided to delay the fusion summon to his turn, hence the search-and-set of Fullmetalfoes Fusion.

Such consistency. He drew and summon Kapler in all three games. SUCH CONSISTENCY SUCH SONSISTENCY. And that was when Ken Sir knew he was doomed.

Could have better played that turn. I could have summoned Alkahest upon his fusion summon and tooked Genghis to my field. But knowing Geo, he would have a contingent plan for that too. So when he challenged me to take Lamia instead. I accepted, knowing whatever I took probably won't change much. xD

I did a prayer, and I proceeded with my draw phase. And I drew Maxx C ..
Lamenting that I couldn't get Vanity's off the field as his pendulum monster would have been sent to the extra deck, not the grave, I conceded.

And ya, for the many twitter users who asked, my playmat was custom-made. xD Silver's Cry artwork is indeed beautiful. Here is the source I got it from. (link)
Pokemon GO! just got released in Singapore that day, thus the excited crowed in the background constantly talking about the topic.

Once again, sorry for all the poor misplays and the negligence of some card's effects. Dueling Cancer is keen on doing more videos from now on, be it using casual deck or competitive. And lastly, thanks to Dsummon for the recording of the duel.


  1. awsome video with cool effects it dosent matter if u misplay sometimes i like people who acknowledge thier mistakes its teh good way to get better everytime , nice article (y)

    1. For video effects, all credits goes to Dsummon. Glad you enjoy the video and the article. And as for me, I shall learn from my mistakes and improve myself