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Deck Discussion: Darklords

One of the articles demanded by readers, probably second after ABCs. Sorry it took so long to be published.


Let me just start of by saying that this article will not serve as means to introduce the new Darklord support cards. I believe there are many other available platforms for that. One can simply surf the net or head to ygorg for their effects, or view Dsummon's newly uploaded video if you are looking for those information.

No. We aim to provide readers with something different and useful, 
such as the non-themed cards needed to supply the deck with an engine or firepower.

Disclaimer: Dueling Cancer shall not be responsible for any monetary losses in trades or failed investment plans you might have had planned after reading these articles. The below list is merely a suggestion of cards suitable for a Darklord deck. It is, in no way, a representation of professional advice with the intention of aiding business transactions.

First off, let's not forget the old Darklord cards which debuted back in 2008. Zerato probably has the most worthy mention for its ability to clear the field and leave your opponent wide open for an OTK,
While Supebia helps flooding the field. The standard combo, as many would have figured by now would be

  1. Use Altar of the Darklords to revive Superbia
  2. Supebia's effect revives another Darklord.
  3. Darklord copies Altar's effect for a 2nd monster-reborn
  4. Revive Supebia again (?)
  5. Supebia revives another Darklord

There you have it, a one card 4 monster summon. Sounds Soul Charge-ish isn't it?

Darklord Desire, the single underrated card which I would like to introduce, is a deserving candidate for a side deck option. Expect to face threats such as Jowgen and Ophion in the current meta, or even Vanity's Emptiness - floodgates that would stop you from special-summoning. From the way I see it, Desire is capable for eliminating such threats, as it can be brought out by a single tribute summon. Sharing the archetype's name also means that it can be easily searched out via Casting out the Darklords.
Of course, being unable to be special-summoned is troublesome, hence my suggestion for a side deck option instead of including it in the main.

Next up for discussion is the LIGHT Angel.
Archlord Kristya fits into the deck for obvious reasons
  • This deck stands to have sufficient graveyard control to fulfill Kristya's summoning conditions.
  • If not, one can special summon Kristya via the support cards (listed below), or even work out enough monsters on the field for a traditional tribute summon for Kristya
  • Kristya has always remained relevant in the meta due to its anti special summon abilities. Apart from pissing off your opponent, it will probably be your winning condition for the deck, providing a lockdown instead of an OTK approach to winning.

Cards to pick up

Being a Fairy archetype and judging from the likely OTK-based method this deck would be running, I would suggest the following cards

  • Reasoning/Monster Gate
    • Despite being limited, these two cards has always been reliable and notable for easily calling out large-leveled monsters off the bat. However, for obvious reasons, do not attempt to use them in spell-heavy builds of Darklords.
  • Allure of Darkness
    • Obviously? 
    • Draw power.
  • D.D.R.
    • Capabilities of re-summoning them upon being banished for resolving Allure's effect.
    • In addition, you can consider other options such as the trap version - Escape from the Dark Dimension, albeit slower.
    • Miraculous Descent is also another trap version of D.D.R. , specifically for Fairy types. Both it and Escape should only be considered if you do not want to pay the discard cost.
    • Darklord Spell/sTraps can be used to satisfy the discard cost, with the latter choice being the more reasonable option, as you can quickly dump it in the grave for it to be copied at the cost of 1000LP.

  • Trade-In
    • More draw power, and your monsters benefit from being in the graveyard, waiting to be special summoned. 
  • Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen
    • Free special summon. Upon landing on the field, they can start abusing their effects to copy 
  • Advance Draw
    • More draw power. Whether if it is needed is debatable, but it is an available option to abuse.

  • Celestial Transformation
    • Free special summon, use their effects, and then sacrifice it away for advance draw. 
    • Considerably better than Vahalla since it has less steep conditions to fulfil.
    • Court of Justice is also a card. 

  • Sephylon, the Ultimate Timelord
    • Living up to its name as the Ultimate Timelord, Sephylon has the highest attack to offer for the Fairy monsters arsenal. You may not require it for OTK, seeing how this deck is capable of swarming and flooding. But just don't dismiss it completely, just in case you need someone with enough firepower to take Chaos MAX head on.
  • MORE Draw engines
    • Hand Destruction, Card Destruction, Card of Demise, Dark World Dealings, Pot of Desires, Upstart Goblin
    • Take your pick, each has its pros and cons. Dealings is probably the one card I would least suggest, seeing that it is a minus 1 when you have no Dark World's monster effects to abuse after the discard.
  • As per the manga, one may opt to include the member of the planet series - Splendid Venus
    • Its ability to prevent your S/T from being negated is indeed unparalleled. But whether is it worth the hastle to summon it depends on your personal judgment and preference.

Many builds have surfaced on the net. Sad to say I am not a fan of the DemiseDraw-version of the deck. With only a handful of monsters (12-ish) and the spells for drawing and thinning. 

I would suggest Eidos and Idea for tribute fodders, as Eidos' ability benefits these bunch of DARK Angel monsters, but I dare not vouch for the speed of this Squire engine yet. So please don't come blaming me if it "ends up being too slow".
Their core lineup of monsters being DARK, but Kristya being a LIGHT attribute, should you have sufficient monsters to balance the scales of light and darkness, so as to speak cliche-ly, don't hesitate to try out a CHAOS breed for your deck build. Sorry, too much of a CHAOS fan.
Even a single Black Luster Soldier can suffice. Being Level8 makes him a discard fodder for Trade-In at worst. Honest can also be splashed in to fulfill the LIGHT monster spot in the deck, and provide its LIGHT companions with more ATK points.

Athena's burn effect and tactic seems too slow for the meta now, in my opinion. But should players find themselves sadistic enough to set up a lockdown with Kristya. Sacrifice Kristya via cards such as Advance Draw, then summon her again, then BURN BURN BURN.
Burning-Herpes Sama would be proud.
(He just enrolled into University.)

Of course, this article wouldn't be complete if one doesn't mention the big cannons that every DARK-centric deck would consider - Dark Armed Dragon, The Dark Creator.

The smaller DARK soldiers, such as Dark Grepher or Armageddon Knight, would also serve purpose in the deck too.


As mentioned, this article merely serves as a suggestion and is by no means absolute and/or perfect. More playtesting is required, and an actual audition for the top spots of the game when these lords are pitched again the current Tier 1 decks will determine whether Darklords will do or die. Similar to previous new decks, the meta shifts and adapts after a few weeks. Whether it is an uprising threat capable of toppling the current decks, or evaporate after a ripple, remains to be determined. Personally, I remain optimistic for the archetype.

Should I pick up this deck to play, although I have no intention of doing so yet, I would opt for the more control build. I just prefer it that way. Personal preference, nothing more. And of course, by then I would introduce my deck build with a Tourney Report.

That's all for now. Thank you for reading!

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