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Intro to Nekroz - Part 2

Previously, we covered the discussion of Nekroz cards and off-theme cards.
For today's article, we will be going through the standard Nekroz combos & plays.

Trying to figure out a new deck be like Yusei seeking accel synchro-ing

Combo 1

Cards needed:
  • In Hand: Unicore/Kaleidoscope + Manju/Senju
    • Senju, while not be able to search out a ritual spell on its own, is capable of doing so by first searching into Claus, then use Claus' discard effect to search into Kaleidoscope if required.
  1. Normal summon the Manju/Senju to search out your missing pieces.
  2. Activate Kaleidoscope and ditch Herald to summon Unicore.
  3. Activate Herald to search for your Nekroz card (preferably Valkyrus or Brionac).
    • Valkyrus is a defensive option to protect your monsters, while Brionac is for future plays.
  4. Either end your turn or continue to part 5.
  5. Xyz to any rank 4 (preferably Rafflesia if you play trap holes/Outer God Nyarla)
  6. If Outer God Nyarla is summoned, use effect to attach Herald to xyz material, thus abusing Herald's effect when it is sent to the grave in the future.
Resulting Field: Rank 4/Unicore and Manju/Senju + 1 Nekroz card in hand.
This combo is mainly used as a set-up if you were to start first in a game as Nekroz do not have a much of a viable first turn option/play.

Combo 2

Cards needed:
  • In Hand: Brionac + Trishula

  1. Discard Brionac to add Clausolas
  2. Discard Clausolad to add Nekroz Mirror
  3. Activate Nekroz Mirror by banishing Clausolas and Brionac to summon Trishula
Ending: Trishula
A quick way to summon Trishula. Do take note that this combo is to be used only in a dire situation as it is resource-draining.

Combo 3

Cards needed:
  • Combo 1
  • Decisive Armor 
  • Brionac/Shurit 
  • Any two: Clausolas/Cycle/Mirror)
  1. As per Combo 1, summon Unicore by ditching Herald
  2. Use Herald to search out what is missing (Decisive Armor OR Brionac/Shurit OR Cycle/Clausolas)
  3. Discard Brionac to add Shurit and/or discard Clausolas to add Cycle/Mirror (OPTIONAL)
  4. Discard Decisive Armor to boost Unicore's ATK
  5. Activate Cycle to revive the recently used D-Arms using Shurit as tribute.
  6. Use Shurit's effect to add Trishula to hand.
  7. Use Mirror to summon Trishula by banishing either Shurit or Brionac + Clausolas.
  8. Attack for lethal! Unicore (3300) + D-Arms  (3300) + Trishula (2700) = 8300ATK/9700ATK (Manju/Senju contributing to the final 1400 damage)
  • Ending: D-Arms + Unicore + Trishula or Manju/Senju
Your go-to OTK combo used to damage your opponent lethally. Although it may seem like a demanding opening hand, Nekroz being a stall-and-farm-for-resource deck, should be able to wait for the perfect opportunity to execute this play.

Combo 4

Cards needed:
  • Djinn,Releaser of Rituals
  • Clausolas/Cycle
  1. Discard Clausolas to add Cycle
  2. Activate Cycle to summon Clausolas, tributing Djinn
Ending: Clausolas w/ (Djinn Lock)
Nekroz is still playable mainly due to its ability to Djinn Lock your opponent, disallowing them from special summoning. Although the combo is hindered by Lavalval Chain being forbidden, it is still a "win condition of the deck".

Also do note that ABC decks has an easy out to it - using Union Hanger to equip Torque Gear to A-Assault Core, it would put A at 2400ATK, surpassing Clausolas' 2300DEF.

Nekroz Kaleidoscope Targets

Nekroz Clausolas > Level 3 Extra Deck
Nekroz Unicore > Herald of the Arc Light
Nekroz Unicore > Elder Entity N'tss
Nekroz Clausolas + Valkyrus > Level 11 Extra Deck
Nekroz Clausolas + Trishula > Level 12 Extra Deck

For Kaleidoscope targets, apart from Herald and N'tss, it is advisable to use extra deck monsters used in the META so that those cards serve other purposes, such as being used for Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries' effect.

If your Nekroz deck happen to play tuners such as Effect Veiler or Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit, one can opt for synchro extra deck monsters than fusion extra deck monsters. This expands your options as you are able to summon them out, if required.

Suggestions for Kaleidoscope Targets

Tatsunoko (Level 3)
Allows the summoning of Clausolas and at its worst, it is a target for Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries.

Herald of the Arc Light (Level 4)
Adds 1 ritual monster or spell to your hand when it is sent to the graveyard. Can be ditched easily by summoning Unicore.
Elder Entity N'tss (Level 4)
Similar to Herald, it can only be summoned by Unicore. Pops a card on the field when sent to the graveyard. Good for destroying floodgates.

Star Eater (level 11)
Summons both Clausolas and Valkyrus at the same time. If you play tuners, you also can summon Star Eater via ways like this
Veiler (level 1) + D-Arms (level 10) = Star Eater (level 11)
Ghost Ogre/Ghost Reaper (level 3) + Valkyrus (level 8) = Star Eater (level 11)
Ultimaya Tzolkin (level 12)
Played as a target for Ghost Reaper to stop Metalfoe decks from summoning Crystal Wing or Void Ogre Dragon. Ultimaya is also used for the simultaneous summoning of Clausolas and Trishula.


Well, thats the end of Part 2. Feel free to comment below any questions regarding the Nekroz archetype or any notable combo that I might have missed out. Stay tuned for the 3rd part of the Nekroz article, featuring off-theme engines that works hand in hand with the Nekroz archetype. 

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