Tuesday, 2 August 2016

TechTuesday 3: Dark Simorgh

It's a bird, it's a plane?
With the amount of Anti-Spell running rampant, I believe Dark Simorgh would be an interesting tech card to try out. Players are desperate to completely shut Metalfoe decks down, and would rather risk themselves being slowed down by this double-edged sword. I am not a fan of it since it is very bad in the late game stages. Plus I have recently been playing Metalfoe myself.
Time for them to pay!

Let's understand the lockdown scenario first. It is pretty simple actually. Simorgh + Anti-Spell Fragrance. Then your opponent won't be able to activate both Spells AND Traps. They can't set traps, and hence, can't use them. And since they have to set spells then use them, due to Fragrance, they can't use spells either! They also can't set their monster face down. So they would have to summon them in face-up attack position instead.

Here is a fun idea for PK FIRE decks - increase your speedroid lineup to play Red-Eye Die. This allows you to have Coral Dragon in your extra deck as well. You can even play Menko. Play more Taketomborg, and triple Dark Simorgh with triple Anti-Spell Fragrance.
Worse case scenario - special summon two Burning Abyss monsters and tribute them both for Simorgh, should you be unable to meet its special-summoning conditions. Since you would be banishing more cards than you normally do, Avidity can serve to help you more.

It is also worth noting that Monarch players can also abuse the fact that Simorgh has 1000DEF points, hence fitting perfectly into Ehther's summoning condition effect.

heh~ Didn't see that coming did ya?
Monarchs choosing to incorporate Speedroid engine would also enjoy Speedroid's status as WIND monsters & their army of DARK monsters such as Eidos & Erebus.

Currently, I do not have any suggestions as to how to make 'not so cloggy'. Unlike Level8s, you can't dump Simorgh for trade-in purposes. Being at Level7 instead of 6 means it shares no synergy with the deck for Beatrice's summon. Dedicated players can consider the Ninja engine for Simorgh. As far as idea goes, Simorgh is best as a side deck card for Ninja Hieratics.

But Simorgh can't stop traps that are already on the field, should it come too late. Hence, this week's techtuesday would also introduce Denkou Sekka. Sekka is another tech that falls into the same boat as Simorgh. Both cards work well and against Anti-Spell. Let your opponent open that floodgate and they will have done half the job for you.
Even without Frangrance, Sekka seals off the backrows that are already on board. That is of course, you have none on yours. Fragrance only seals off the spells in your opponent's hands as well.
Just an idea I wanna share, and hopefully someone out there reading it can put it to good use. 

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