Tuesday, 30 August 2016

TechTuesday #7 - Equip

How equipped are you for the meta?

Equipped cards seem to have fallen out of sight as the game evolves to include more and more mechanics. Today, Dueling Cancer would like to remind you of some equipped cards that manipulate ATK points, that can still remain relevant for today's meta.

1) Megamorph
Megamorph requires no new introduction, having been notoriously known for its participation in the Cyber-Stein OTK. Megamorph is a nifty card as it can either be used to wear down your opponent, or boost your own monster's ATK.

The problem comes however, in the later stages of your gameplay, where your equipped monster suffers and you face an unfavourable situation after the tables have turned, and the lifepoints difference changes.

Nevertheless, Megamorph remains to be one of the sure-fire and effective methods in making sure you succeed in a battle. Doubling your monster's attack is huge. Although, be sure to land a hit and not find yourself knocking at death's door after attacking into a Magical Cylinder.

2) Mage Power

Mage Power is one of my childhood friend's favourite card. His name is Ben, and is one of my few friends who played Yugioh. Back when we were a casual player, he would always rely on this single equipped spell to defeat my monsters by battle. The 2500ATK usually ends the duel after a few turns, if I do not have an answer to it by then.

Unlike Megamorph which may be situational, Mage Power offers a direct and absolute boost that won't suddenly change your ATK by halving it once the lifepoints changes, making it a more reliable method for an attack boost in the long run. Seems like a useful thing to have in Card of Demise decks. I teched it in my Yosenju deck before, and 3900ATK points Thunder King Rai-Oh was nothing to laugh at.

3) United We Stand
I tested this card along with Mage Power in my Yosenjus before as well, and it turns out better than it, as I could rely on it even when I had not gather enough backrow cards. The best part about United We Stand is that the monster can still stand to gain 800ATK at the very least. I would also recall troll moments in the past when I activated Scapegoat just to get an additional 3200ATK boost. I even touted it as a combo play I came up with my own, being the casual player I was back then.

This card went through a lot. Being Limited once, then Forbidden, to the Unlimited status it enjoys now. 

This card was equipped to Yosenju Kama 2 which took a swing of 5200ATK points, and dealing half of it as direct damage. That's 2600 life points damage. (Had help from Yosenju Tsujik). Definitely an interesting method to explore.


Brute force power may not be the focus of the meta now, but sometimes, there isn't a simpler way otherthan to punch your way through. Surprise your opponent by besting his CHAOs Max in battle and may get rid of a monster like Amorphage Sloth with the help of these equipped cards. It wouldn't hurt to keep them in mind and remind yourself, amidst all the pendulum hoo-hahs and special summon spammings.

Equipped spells seems to have been neglected by the card makers, and I do hope to see a staple equip spell make its mark one day. On a related note, I think it is about time Premature Burial gets released from its Forbidden status, seeing how there are so many archetype versions of Monster Reborn. Don't even think people are gonna give this old goldie a second look. Besides, Giant Trunade isn't out of the woods. So I assume it is safe to release Premature Burial?

But hey Konami, if you can hear me, keep Snatch Steal behind bars. I had enough of that card in my Tag Force games.

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