Tuesday, 9 August 2016

TechTuesday #4

How many people even know this card exists?

As I was revisiting the olden golden days of Tag Force 1, an idea came to me in the form of a tech idea. I use to play this card, and I guess I should be ashamed I forgotten all about it since it saved me more times than I can count.

In the meta today, we have plenty of options to destroy backrow threats, unlike in the past, where Mystical Space Typhoon was limited, and we had to resort to options such as Dust Tornado. And even so, Dust Tornado was slow but still effective! That was how slow Yu-Gi-Oh was back then. But even with the different versions of Cyclones being printed and introduced, none could do so during the damage step itself. This is where GreenKappa comes in.

Kappa is a flip effect monster, meaning that it destroys backrow during the damage step itself. Sure, it is only limited to face down threats, but surely few cards being able to chain to it (due to the window of destruction) must mean something.

Having said that, Kappa is not effective as it used to be. In the past, backrow destruction options were so limited we had to turn to monsters which can destroy Spell/Traps, like Kappa. And there were fewer counter traps in the game, making Kappa's effect harder to be negated. The only card that stood in Kappa's way was probably Divine Wrath. Even so, Kappa would have baited a limited counter trap and a discard from your opponent.

Today, Solemn Strike takes the spot as being the most common and staple counter trap in the game.

Kappa will be an interesting addition to some decks, one being Sibyl Shaddoll, which seems to be gaining hype upon the news release of DarkTerror cards. Just note that since GreenKappa dictates that you HAVE to destroy two, be careful since there is a chance your own set card will be destroyed should your opponent only have 1.
A neat trick is to destroy your own set Artifact monsters, and possibly spawn them during the damage step of your opponent's battle phase!

That's it for today's TechTuesday. Stay tune for more and don't forget to suggest us with your own techs, should you be kind enough to share.

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