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Intro to Nekroz - Part 3

In part 2, we went through the combos for the Nekroz archetype. For today's article, we will be going through engines for Nekroz. Do take note that these engine ideas are not confirmed to be viable, and their consistency has yet to be established.
This article merely serves as a list for suggestion purposes.

 1) Shaddoll

Who knew a deck that limits special summon works with a deck which can only special summon?
The Shaddoll engine helps the Nekroz deck to set up its plays. This is all made possible by the spell card Shaddoll Fusion (more info will be given below). Now without further ado, i will briefly explain the Shaddoll cards used in the engine.

Shaddoll Beast
Draw power of the deck. Works wonders with Valkyrus' tribute-to-draw effect, generating massive pluses.

Shaddoll Dragon

The MST of the deck, its flip-effect is can be used to get rid of floaters or lockdown monsters like Naturia Exterio or Last Warrior from Another Planet.

Shaddoll Hedgehog

Searcher for the shaddoll archetype. The only card in the deck to search for Shaddoll Fusion.

Shaddoll Falco

Ability to revive Shaddoll/El-Shaddoll cards. Allows synchro play as Falco is a tuner.

Shaddoll Fusion

A fusion card with the ability to use materials from the deck when your opponent controls an Extra Deck monster. Dumps your djinn which sets up for the infamous "Djinn Lock".

El Shaddoll Fusion

Quickplay fusion card. Use cards like Shaddoll Dragon as fusion material to catch your opponent by surprise!

El Shaddoll Shekinaga

Your main go-to card. Ditching Hedgehog and Fiendish Horn Rhino by Shaddoll Fusion allows you to have a Shaddoll monster in hand and Djinn in the graveyard.

El Shaddoll Winda

What to do when you are unable to "Djinn Lock"? Just go for a semi "Djinn Lock" with Winda. Winda restricts your opponent to 1 special summon per turn. This means no Xyz plays. However do note that pendulum summoning, regardless of the number of cards summoned, is treated as 1 summon.

El Shaddoll Anonyatyllis

This card is rather easy is summon due to Nekroz being a Water archetype. Locks both player from summoning from your hand and grave using spell/traps. However this card does not really seem to lockdown this META's deck and might backfire and lock yourself down.

2) Speedroids

You all saw this coming ever since Terrortop is being teched to many different decks. Speedroid give the Nekroz deck outs to floodgates and also the ability to summon out Herald, instead of just dumping it. Here are the cards used in the engine.

Speedroid Terrortop

The play-maker of the engine. Terrortop gives you access to rank 3 plays and synchro plays as well. Being the only searcher means that the engine is limited to being able to function ONLY if you draw Terrortop. Any other speedroid cards will result in a bricked hand.

Speedroid Taketomborg

Combos with Terrortop to go into rank 3 monsters without having to waste a normal summon.

Speedroid Red-Eyed Dice

The engine's tuner with the ability to manipulate levels, being able to synchro from level 2 to 7 with the help of Terrortop. This gives you access to Herald which is a huge advantage for the Nekroz deck, being able to get a free search and "Infinity barrier"

Speedroid Double Yo-Yo 

Level 4 monster reborn of the deck. This card is not normally played as an engine card but I'm listing it here as it has its uses. More would be explained in the next article, featuring combos and guides for these engines with Nekroz.

3) Deskbots

Once popular in the OCG as Bunborg Nekroz, utilising Deskbot 003's ability to special summon Deskbot 001 to go for Herald. However it lost its potential partly due to the arrival of Speedroids, which outclassed the machines. But they deserve a spot on the list as they are able to make plays that even Speedroids can't.

Deskbot 001

The only tuner of the deck. Being EARTH means that the Deskbot engine has access to summon Naturia Beast (which Speedroid doesn't). Deskbot 001 is also a massive beatstick is combo-ed with Deskbot 003 as Deskbot 001 gains 500 ATK for each Deskbot monsters on the field.

Deskbot 003

The key card of the Deskbot Archetype. Being able to special summon any Deskbot from the deck when summoned gives you a 1 card Herald combo. Deskbot 003 also can give a Deskbot monster the ability to gain 500 ATK for each Deskbot card on the field.

Deskbot 004

What to do after all your Deskbots are used? Well Deskbot 004 have a sick ability to mill any Deskbot monster from the deck to the grave to gain ATK based on its level. Destroying a monster with it rewards the player by reviving 2 Deskbot monsters in the graveyard.

4) Treatoad Tech

Ever since Treatoad's release, many WATER decks are trying to either summon Treatoad himself or summon Buhamut Shark which can special summon Treattoad from the extra deck. Since Nekroz consist of searchable level 4 WATER monsters like Unicore and Dance Princess, one can opt for a Treatoad turbo variant.
Let's hope onto the Treatoad hype~!


The go-to card for the deck. Treatoad gives Nekroz player the extra protection in a form of a 'Cyber Dragon Infinity' like negation. Further more, you get to salvage any WATER monster after that. Key targets will likely be Shurit, Unicore and Brionac as they are all limited by the banlist, and thus the need to recycle them.


Level 4 WATER monster that can be special summoned from your hand just by controlling a Spellcaster. This allows you to go for Bahamut Shark plays.

Gishki Chain

Nekroz players start to avoid this card as it is outclassed by Manju/Senju. However, since Bahamut Shark requires 2 Level 4 WATER monsters, Gishki Chain can serve as Xyz Material for Bahamut Shark.

Silent Angler

Similar to Jigabyte with an easier summoning condition but a more restricting side effect. Fenrir & Aqua Spirit serve the same purpose as well - special summon for an xyz summon.

Bahamut Shark

Rank 4 that allows you to summon Treatoad. Bahamut Shark is your only way to get out Treattoad so protecting Bahamut Shark with Valkyrus til it uses up all its materials seems relevant and important.


That's the end of Nekroz Part 3 featuring Engines/Techs for Nekroz. In the next part of Intro to Nekroz, we will be going through combos for these Deck Techs.
(Yup I'm looking at all of you Net-Deckers out there)

Once again DAM SON here and signing out.

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  1. TCG:

    Terrotop then search Red-Eyed. NS him (or discard with T. twister and sp from grave.

    Go into Herald.

    Instafusion on Noden, then get Eyed-Dice.

    Go for Trishula.

    Then fetch Brio/Trish.

    Enjoy your 2nd Trishula.


    Also, 3x Gold Sarc and Foolish Burial and a lone Nekroz of Catastor should be a trick on your expertise-sleeves.

    Also, Nice Blog!