Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Deck Discussion: Synchro DARK

You thought Synchro DARK was dead, didn't you, GeoTheBacon?

Credits: Yugioh Intro to Expert Players
Presented by GONDORA

With Level Eater gone, it would be tougher for players to tune the level of their on field monsters to their liking to progress their advantage and build their field.

An obvious change would be the added variety of Extra Deck type monsters, now that xyz has joined the deck, and a lone fusion monster - N'Tss. With the limitation of PSY-Framelord Omega, there is now more space to be allocated for the inclusion of other monsters.

Ancient Fairy Dragon exists as an option to thin out the deck, destroying Chicken Game to search a second copy. The 1000LP gain is also something to be grateful for, ensuring that the user stays within the starting LP given, despite the cost paid for Chicken Game's draw.

Lastly, Zombie World serves as a 4th field card option for Fairy Dragon's effect and at the same time, possess anti-meta capabilities that may aid the deck user in winning the game.

Speaking of Zombie World, the task of tuning levels on the field, changing them to how the user pleases, now falls on the shoulders on Uni-Zombie, which has two methods to alter the levels of field monsters. Zombie World also allows the player to revive almost any monster in the grave due to Mezuki's effect.

Cockadoodledoo, an unappreciated card, is a free summon, with no cost involved. Being a tuner helps the deck pave the road for synchro summons. If arrived late, it can be used for Uni-Zombie's discard cost.

The Speedroid engine is another one of the 'free summons' which can benefit the user in baiting backrow threats and start up their plays.

A lone copy of Jiaotu, Darkness of the Yang Zing acts as Denglong's target for its effects.

The resonators remain as searchable tuners which can be used to swarm the field.

Another method to go ahead with for Synchro DARK is the use of tokens. But GONDARA opted to pilot the zombie engine, which is another popular and available option. I would also like to suggest players to try out Shiranui Sage, effectively a one-card Level8 synchro/Rank4 xyz.

Finally, let's end off this article with a disgusting three-card OTK that can be performed in Junk Doppel decks, Synchro DARK's predecessor.

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