Sunday, 11 September 2016

FAQ: Why Photon Thrasher?

Why is Thrasher better than the Gadgets, why is it preferred and played more?
Your answers all lies here.
In Japan, players are even dropping them to 2:1 or 1:1, with Gold Gadget being favoured more due to its superior offensive stats to its counterpart. Today we tell you why:

1) Vulnerability 

Gadgets' effect, starting a chain, is thus vulnerable to Ghost Ogre, and it gives your opponent an extra draw off Maxx "C". On top of it, it falls victim to Effect Veiler, which is searchable by Sage with Eyes of Blue t in Blue-Eyes decks.

Ghost Ogre would disrupt an ABC player's field set up, as a Gadget dying to Ghost Ogre almost means a great reduction in chances of getting Tsukiyomi out on the field. No Tsukiyomi = No dropping of hand = no first turn Dragon Buster.

Maxx C nullifies the effectiveness and the commitment of resources to the field set up. You end up granting your opponent card advantage, which could diminish the effectiveness of your lockdown/set up as they now have more resources to either bait or escape the lockdown.

Thrasher also doesn't die to System Down if it is left on the field. So you won't suffer from a complete loss of resources if you face this sided spell card in Game 2 and Game 3.

2) Effectiveness

Also you can kill Cyber Dragon Infinity with Photon Thrasher, although Infinity is lesser seen now. But with Kozmos arriving in the OCG, it might reemerge in the competitive scenes.
Thrasher summons itself via an inherent summon. Combine that with a normal summon of another Level4, you have yourself the materials for a summon of Number S39: Utopia the Lightning. All of it without any activation of effects. Gadgets can't achieve that; their effects activate upon their summon. With Gadgets, you can't out Cyber Dragon Infinity as easy as you do with Thrasher.

Thrasher can also bait out Kirin's effect without incurring any loss of resources. (You only have to sacrifice a Battle Phase).
  1. Summon Thrasher. Attack. 
  2. Destroy Unicorn or bait it to use its effect. 
  3. Main Phase 2: Special Thrasher again and proceed with plays.
The same result can't be replicated by the machine duo, which has stats that can't threaten Kirin the same way Thrasher's 2100ATK does. The difference in 100ATK, although little, is very crucial.
I understand that Kirin is currently limited in TCG. But it is still a common sight, and problematic foe, in the OCG.

3) Searchable  

Gadgets are only for first turn plays, and serve little to no use in late game stages. This is especially so if you have exhausted your Union monsters. This is actually a very common phenomenon since you would have leveraged and utilised Union Hangar to search out your A, B and C parts straight from the deck, leaving your deck filled with non-Union monsters, traps and spells.

The same can be said for our warrior counterpart as well. However, Thrasher is searchable via Reinforcements of the Army, a spell card, whereas you can only fetch a gadget from deck via Gear Gigant X, a Rank4 xyz. With its searcher being a spell card, it is arguably easier to get Thrasher in your opening hand, before you start your plays, as compared to the gadgets. So what one should set out to achieve is to search Thrasher out asap, set-up the field, and then build your field advantage, as Thrasher during late game stages, is equally undesirable.


Thrasher's main downfall is its inability to participate in an xyz summon of Gear Giant X, which requires machine monsters as xyz materials. However, it can still summon out Bujintei Tsukiyomi, which is more important and common in gathering alphabet parts in the grave to summon out ABC-Dragon Buster. Apart from that, it is seldom considered inferior to the gadgets. Naturally, to make space for newer cards like Dimension Barrier, Gadgets were the first options to be dropped since they aren't the best combo pieces.

Next up, we will discuss the preference of other floodgates, such as Anti-Spell Fragrance over Galaxy Soldier, accounting for Cyber Dragon Infinity's disappearance from ABC decks.

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