Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Hidden Treasures

Some cards stand out more than others...
Many cards of archetype enter their spotlight when they emerge as interesting techs to catch your opponent by surprises. Some have effects so impressive that they earned themselves a slot in decks that aren't even centralised around their archetype. Today, we will have a look at some.

The first would be the infamous Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind, capable of downsizing any opponent and take on any 2600ATK or lower monsters. Chaos Dragons, Machina Gadgets are only few of the many decks that partnered up with Gale over the years. Gale is usually partnered with, and used for the summon of, Blackwing Armor Master. His continuous effect of not being able to be destroyed by battle and the ability to bring any monster it battled before to its knees, reducing it to 0ATK, was applauded by many.
In the years where staple negation cards such as Breakthrough Skill wasn't that commonly played, and non-destruction removal cards such as Castel the Skyblaster Musketeer and Number 101: S.H.Ark Knight hasn't been released, Armor Master's abilities were indeed imbalanced and unparalleled. A trouble to handle, no doubt.

Secondly, Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter, which is deemed too slow for today's meta, was a popular side deck choice to handle threats on the board, be it spell/trap or monsters back in the days. Splash in Charge of the Light Brigade, and you would have an easier time getting it to your hand.
Flip effects were still accepted in those times, and the mill and optional destruction were both appreciated by decks such as Chaos Dragons and Junk Doppel. Being a Level2 beast also made it fit perfectly into the Ojama family.
Years later in Mermail Atlantean decks, Penguin Soldier followed in Ryko's footsteps as a gimmicky Level2 flip-effect monster whose main job is for threat removal.

Amorphage Sloth is perhaps the most recent example, emerging as a Vanity's Emptiness on legs, and won't hinder its user in a Metalfoe deck, as one can simply target it for destruction with Metalfoe's pendulum effects.

Perhaps the least well-known, Sirocco the Dawn is capable of turning the tables after your opponent has flooded the field with Blackwings, as it gains the ATK of ALL blackwings on the field, including your opponent's.

Wind-Up Kitten is also another lesser known alternative. Junk Doppel players explored it as an option to get rid of Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En, back in the days when Eccentrick Archfiend wasn't a card. And its once per duel effect didn't even bothered users back then. Being Level2 meant it could serve purpose for a synchro summon alongside Junk Synchron.

Just a casual article idea, featuring the breakout characters of the archetype. It is a short list, but I am keen to make a part 2. We plan to include more cards of an archetype that can serve purposes as a staple tech. Suggestions do help. Thank you.
- Ken Sir

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