Monday, 19 September 2016

Review: Yugi Vs Kaiba Live Duel @ WCQ 2016

Perhaps long overdue, but here is what I think about the duel.

This article was written after some readers suggested more variety in the type of posts I have on my blog and (I quote) "have more random type of posts". So this post will deviate away from our blog's usual theme of competitive talk, meta analysis and card tech discussions. Instead, it will just be a casual post about the 20th Anniversary of the trading card game.

The first live voice duel I watched (online, because I stay in Asia, Singapore) was Kaiba's and Joey's, with Tristan as a cheerleader bystander. It was an interesting script with many nostalgic cards, and the comedy was sufficient to remind audiences of Joey's role as the comic relief. I also enjoyed the post-interview the cast had with fans, answering questions and all.

I believe that Yugi and Kaiba's live voice duel (I guess that is what most people calls it?) is as interesting as it can get. Sure, we have seen them battle over and over again, but the scriptwriters managed to outdo themselves once more in this year's World Championship Qualifiers.)

Lullaby of Obedience was a clever method by the writers to reunite Kaiba with his iconic Obelisk the Tormentor. We all know how much he loves that card, seeing how he named the highest rated dorm of Duel Academia as Obelisk Blue, a tribute to the Egyptian God card he has..... or once had. Using Lullaby retains continuity to the anime series storyline, and at the same time, allowed an iconic reunion of Obelisk and Kaiba, fighting side by side against Yugi. Although the moment Slifer bite the dust, I expected Ra to fill in.
Eric's tweet. I like how he wrote it.

Another moment worthy of praise is how they deliberately (I guess?) made Ra's attack 9999ATK points. Leaving Yugi with only a single drop of lifepoints at 1LP, it seems to add salt to Kaiba's wound at how close victory was for him, and yet so far...

The success of this event should also be attributed to our two dearest voice actors which crafted our childhood. Be it Dan Green's voice of both Yugis, or Eric Stuart as Brock, James and Kaiba. Their enthusiasm is what contributed to the success of the event. Just look at how Stuart shouts: 'NO WAY~!"

Once again, Yugi wins by topdecking/cheating bending destiny with his icon clad will. lol. Not like fans weren't expecting it.

If I were more greedy for nostalgia, I was hoping for the Royal Knights (Jack, Queen & King's Knight) and the Union monsters (X, Y & Z) to make an appearance. But seeing how the duel went, I was very satisfied with the iconic monsters. Synchro from Kaiba and Xyz from Yugi showed how much they changed and grew, and this also incorporated the newer released support cards. Azure-Eyes, Ebon Illusion. Yes, I am glad these related monsters were able to enter the limelight.

Many complained about the overuse of card-drawing cards for the compensation for the rapid use of resources, in terms of card economics. Like how Kaiba went Pot of Desires and Card of Demise together. (In the same turn, if I recall correctly.) I feel that it was a small issue, and perhaps necessary evil, since epic moments require many cards to pull off.  I like how they manage to include meta cards in this live duel.

It would be hard to top this year's duel, but I am still looking forward to next year's duel. The duel brings out the child in me. On an ending note, look at how much Dan Green has changed.

Actual conversation with my sis:
Me: Damn, Dan Green changed so much he looks like Santa now. 
Sis: Is that the guy who voices Yugi? He looks like Yugi's Grandpa now!

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