Thursday, 15 September 2016

TechTuesday #9

I know it isn't Tuesday, but I am eager to share and I ain't gonna rename it TechThursday.
Today I bring to you a card that Metalfoes can abuse.

One card, two words:
Chain Whirlwind
Activate only when a card on the field is destroyed by a card effect. Select 2 Spell/Trap Cards on the field and destroy them.

The thing about Chain Whirlwind is that it doesn't matter which side of the action happens; you pop, the opponent pops? Same thing. It both allows for an activation window for this card to be activated.

Effectively, Chain Whirlwind is a Twin Twister without a discard cost. The trade-off for not paying a cost is a limited window of opportunity, but Metalfoes being a meta option increases your rate of success of pulling it off. And having a specified conditional activation window reminds you that you shouldn't put it in your Main Deck, and it is better off sitting in the Side.

Sadly, or maybe thankfully, Chain Whirlwind can only destroy Spell/Traps. Which may thus explain why it was lesser known or publicised, since Twin Twister is more versatile. Chain Whirlwind is also unlike Twin Twister in another aspect - You must target two Spell/Traps on the field, not up to two.

Chain Whirlwind is gimmicky, which seems to be the key criteria for cards being featured on our blog. Chain Whirlwind could serve some good use in a Metalfoes mirror match, as destruction via card effect would be a common sight in that matchup. Perhaps TCG players might appreciate this card more since spell/trap removal is more valued on their side where both Heavy Storm and Harpie's Feather Duster are Forbidden.

You could also tech it against Monarchs, and trigger its activation when Kuraz lands on the field and activate & resolve its effect, possibly getting rid of Domain and annoying backrow threats in the process. Against Metalfoes, they will usually leave two spell/traps on the field (a scale and a card they just set from their deck) upon the resolution of their Metalfoes Pendulum scale effect.

You can also use it in a deck piloting the Artifact engine, after Moralltach destroys one of your opponent's cards; you can either destroy you other Artifacts to further your advantage or your opponent's face-down spell/traps which Moralltach was unable to touch.

I believe that Chain Whirlwind would be more useful in the future, when cards like Smashing Ground and Fissure return to the competitive scenes, much like how it was back when Nekroz was the major threat and these two were the viable non-targetting options to get rid of Claus, all the while bypassing Trishula's protection. (Gungnir was also not a common sight and thus the destruction would usually go through.)

"A card on the field is destroyed by a card effect" seems to be an easy task to fulfill today though. Don't believe me? Take a shot every time a card is being destroyed by card effect throughout the match. Let me know if you survive the drinking game after 5 rounds of Swiss. Just kidding. My point is: With decks like Metalfoes centered around card destruction to set up their field, and common backrow removal like Twin Twister floating around, it seems that this card may finally rise to its potential.

I would recommend it to be used in a Metalfoes deck, especially when your opponent sides Twin Twisters against your pendulum-themed deck  They will likely focus the destruction on your scales, leaving Chain Whirlwind surviving and capable of activation. (Players usually avoid destroying backrow as they don't wanna trigger Metalfoes Combination's effect.)

And at this point, I would like to mention my moment of desperation back then in a Single-elimination tournament when I Twin-Twister-ed my own two backrows for the sake of chaining Starlight Road to bring out a monster to defend myself. That would eventually win me the duel, though. Chain Whirlwind is also capable of doing so - either triggering your own, or baiting out cards like your opponent's The Huge Revolution is Over, which is receiving a timely reprint .

Chain Whirlwind, like many other techs we have introduced over the months of articles, is an interesting option lying in the database of (number) cards in the game. Capable of bringing an element of surprise and with a relatively easy activation condition, it should be considered. Following a limitation of Twin Twisters, perhaps this card might also find some use?

Thanks for reading. The OCG list is expected to land next Monday.

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