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Intro to Kozmo Part 2

Hi there! Dam Son here with the next part of Intro to Kozmo, featuring combos for the Kozmo archetype. Here is a recap to make my life easier for the combos.

For simplicity's sake:
  • The Kozmo Pilot's effect to summon another Kozmo with a higher level shall be referred to as 'Tagging Into/Tagging out into". 
  • The Kozmo Spaceship's effect to banish itself and summon a Kozmo with lower level is named (by yours truly) as "Floating Into".


Combo 1

 Hand: Farmgirl

1) Summon Farmgirl and attack directly (Opponent must have an open field)
2) Search Dark Destroyer with Farmgirl's effect
3) Tag Out Farmgirl into Dark Destroyer
4) Pop Dark Destroyer by his own effect
5) Float Dark Destroyer into Farmgirl
6) Attack with Farmgirl again
7) Search Kozmotown with Farmgirl's effect
8) Play Kozmotown and salvage Dark Destroyer back to hand

This combo is used to quickly gather resources by abusing Farmgirl. With Dark Destroyer in hand, you have set up for your opponnt's turn to disrupt them.

Combo 2

Hand: Any Pilot + Dark Destroyer

1) Summon Pilot
2) Tag Out Pilot into Dark Destroyer
3) Pop Dark Destroyer by his own effect
4) Float Dark Destroyer into Strawman
5) Summon back the Dark Destroyer with Strawman
6) Repeat Step 3
7) Float Dark Destroyer into Tincan
8) End Phase reveal 3 card. (1 of them should be Dark Destroyer)

This combo is a very good turn 1 combo which sets the player up with 2 Pilots to tag out into. Tincan also gives you maybe a guaranteed 'Next Turn". Cards to add with Tincan if you have nothing else on your opponent's turn will be Dark Lady, Dark Destroyer and Sliprider.

Combo 3

Before going through Combo 3, there is 2 card you need to know.

Fire King's Island

Basically a way to pop your Spaceships in hand or field to add Fire King Avatar Garunix to hand. Also when it is destroyed (cough cough Sliprider), you Raigeki your own field.

Fire King Avatar Garunix

Lets call him Baby-Runix! Baby-Runix is like the Gem Knight Garnet for Brilliant Fusion decks. Just a useless card that you should pray it is in your deck. Baby-Runix is also a level 3 card which helps to Xyz into Leviair.

Hand: Island + Sliprider + Spaceship (with level 6 or higher)

Let the random Spaceship to be Dark Destroyer for this case. Don't worry, I will not be activating Dark Destroyer's Pop ability so you can treat it as any Spaceship.

1) Activate Island and pop Dark Destroyer for Baby-Runix.
2) Float Dark Destroyer into Strawman
3) Summon back Dark Destroyer with Strawman
4) Tag Out Strawman into Sliprider
5) Pop Island with Sliprider and clear the field
6) Float Sliprider into Soartrooper
7) Float Dark Destroyer into Delta Shuttle
8) Summon Strawman back with Soartroopers
9) Summon Sliprider with Strawman
10) Overlay Sliprider and Delta Shuttle into Cyber Dragon Nova
11) Xyz Change Nova into Cyber Dragon Infinity
12) Normal Baby-Runix and Overlay with Soartroopers to Leviair the Sea Dragon
13) Detach any to summon Strawman
14) Summon Dark Destroyer with Strawman
15) Xyz both Strawman to any Rank 2
16) End turn and Dark Destroyer is destroyed due to Strawman's effect
17) Float Dark Destroyer into Dark Lady

A major combo utilising the Fire King Engine. Having a Infinity and Dark Lady on the field pose a serious threat especially since it can be accomplished in Turn 1 with only 3 cards. Many other Fire King combos are very similar to this combo but with minor changes. Normally the end field always consists of Cyber Dragon Infinity and Dark Lady.

Combo 4

Hand: Kozmotown + Fire King Island + Sliprider

1) Activate Island and pop Sliprider and add Baby-Runix
2) Float Sliprider into Strawman
3) Summon back Sliprider with Strawman
4) Activate Kozmotown
5) Island's effect kicks in and clears field
6) Float Sliprider into Soartroopers
7) Summon back Strawman with Soartroopers
8) Kozmotown adds Sliprider back to hand
9) Tag Out Soartrooper into Sliprider
10) Pop Kozmotown and add Dark Destroyer to hand
11) Strawman summons back Soartroopers
12) Tag Out Strawman into Dark Destroyer
13) Dark Destroyer Pop himself and Float into Delta Shuttle
14) Overlay Delta Shuttle and Sliprider into Nova
15) Xyz Change into Infinity
16) Normal Baby-Runix and Overlay with Soartrooper for Leviair
17) Leviair detach any to summon Strawman
18) Strawman summons Dark Destroyer
19) End Phase Dark Destroyer either go for Dark Lady or Tincan

This combo is similar to Combo 3 and is a rather basic combo. This combo have many varients but all of them ends up with Cyber Dragon Infinity and Dark Lady with 3 cards.

Combo 5 (Not really a combo)

Hand: Emergency Teleport + Dark Destroyer

1) Activate E-Tele into Tincan
2) At the End Phase, choose to resolve Tincan's ability to reveal 3 cards
3) Then activate Tincan's ability to Tag Out into Dark Destroyer
4) Dark Destroyer can now either pop your opponent's card or proceed to Step 5
5) Dark Destroyer pop himself and float into a 2nd Tincan
6) Second Tincan's effect will kick in revealing 3 cards again.

This Combo/Tip is used to help bypass E-Tele's effect to banish the target at the end of the turn as the user have the choice to set up the resolution. This can be used by just setting an E-Tele and passing your turn if you happen to brick. You might be able to bait out 1 Twin Twisters if you are lucky.


Obviously this is not the end of Kozmo's entire library of combos but merely a few basic and more common ones. After seeing many popular outlets and platforms putting up their own list on combos, I comteplated against uploading my own, but then again, our blog is unique since our materials are set in words, instead of video or image format. Thus, it might be more preferable for reference purposes, as a quick read would do it.

GeoTheBacon, currently trying out the deck, tells me that the OTK process is quite intuitive. To deal as much damage as possible, and summon out your big guns. However, I think to truly build up a field lockdown, careful planning and foresight is required.

Once again Dam Son here and signing off. On the next part, Part 3 of the series, Ken Sir shall take over and suggest cards for each deck to combat the rising threat of Kozmos. Since that is what Ken Sir likes to do - find archetype's weakness and cripple them.

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