Thursday, 8 September 2016

FAQ: Why do OCG ABC decks run outer entity cards?

Namely Outer Entity Azzathoth and Outer Entity Nyarla

Well, greetings again everyone. Just a short post to compensate for the lack of updates this month, as we await a new banlist's arrival.

I came across this question on reddit, and felt that it is worth sharing via an article. We also do Card Discussions and News Discussion from time to time, so I think it would also be interesting if we add a FAQ series to our blog.

Well, the question from today, as per the title of the article is:
Why do ABC decks in OCG play Outer Entity Cards?

It is actually NOT for Maxx "C" and Veiler, as many Reddit TCG user erroneously pointed out. 
The former will already be dropped be your opponent during Standby or Main Phase once you (as an ABC player) has two Level4, ready for an xyz summon, on your field. So Azzathoth doesn't actually stop it. 

Outside of Blue-Eyes Effect Veiler isn't played much at all, in the OCG. The minus 1 in card economics just isn't worth the negation in today's new age of dueling. It is even sided out because D.D. Crow and Cycle Reader are better hand traps against ABC matchup. ABC players has also been dropping gadgets in favour for Photon Thrasher for a while now. So their weakness to Veiler is further reduced; Veiler is thus an even weaker option against ABC, and not much of a worry for ABC players.

ABC-Dragon Buster can always bait Veiler out by entering the Battle Phase first, then use its discard-and-banish effect. This way, Veiler must be dropped before player enters the Battle Phase, ensuring the ABC player wont discard a card for nothing.

Azzathoth also doesn't stop Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries as your opponent will just use it once you summon Nyarla. So it just forces your opponent to use it early.

What it does stop however is :

1) Mirror Matchup. Most important factor. 
It stops your opponent's A, B and C from gaining effects. Baits opposing ABC-Dragon Buster to use its banish effect. And if you have already done so, summoning Nyarla forces them to tag out immediately. Their summoned Union monsters also wont get their effect from entering the grave due to Azzathoth.
2) OCG Ruling wise. Not sure if there are any contradictions with TCG Ruling, but it stops The White Stone of Ancients (and of course The White Stone of Legends) for activating and resolving. Thus it is also favourable against a Blue-Eyes matchup as well. You also force your opponent to tag out Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon early or it will end up being destroyed, serving no purpose at all.

3) Escaping lockdowns:

 The summoning process of Nyarla doesn't start a chain (if you do not choose to activate its effect) and usually you would already have three Level4 Unions for your xyz plays, so the materials needed to summon it are already in place.
Summoning Azzathoth nullifies Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon, ensuring that your summoned ABC-Dragon Buster can just banish it without worrying about Crystal's negation effect.

The summoning of Azzathoth doesn't involve activation of spell cards. So you can summon him first then safely use your spells, making an opposing Number 38: Hope Harbinger irrelevant and unable to stop your plays. Together with Hexblood King Siegfried, it is commonly seen as a form of lockdown, performed by D/D/D decks in the OCG.

Other tier 2 or rogue decks like Cyber Angels which has Herald of Perfection or Frog HERO which has Treatoad or Dark Law are also usually powerless against Azzathoth.

4) Metalfoes Stops Metalfoes Fusion monster effects from activating. (OrichlacMythriel have annoying grave effects) And it baits Alkahest.

5) PK FIRE is lesser seen nowadays. But it stops their grave effects and forces Beatrice to do a mill or risk not being able to do so for the rest of the turn. It also effectively puts Beatrice's self-replacing ability to a stop, ensuring that it doesn't 'float' on the field.

And no, ABC deck doesn't summon Azzathoth via any RUM spell, or summon him during the opponent's turn. But PK FIRE in OCG does.


In short, Tl:dr; Rk4 toolbox option which stops opponent's annoying monster effects and helps gather Union parts in grave. Ensures no surprises since your opponent is forced to respond to Nyarla's summon (before Azazoth even comes to the field) and forces early activation of monster effects and hand traps. (Not really ensure but u get what I mean)

While you are waiting for our blog's next article, you might also want to check out ygoprodeck, where I have some of my articles written and uploaded there.  

Next up on the FAQ series, we will explaining why the OCG values Photon Thrasher over Gadgets, and thus the declining popularity and usage of the Gold and Silver Gadget duo. If you have any questions about the meta begging to be answered, feel free to let us know too. 

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