Friday, 2 September 2016

CardWatch 2K16: September

Wake me up when September ends?

1) Fiend Comedian

Similar to Lullaby of Obedience, and any other card that offer both effects, you should use this card in decks that would benefit you no matter which of the both ways things go.
Fiend Comedian is capable of BANISHING the ENTIRE of your opponent's graveyard, which could be deadly. Of course, you will end up milling quite plenty too, should you call it wrongly.
Of course, you can always minimise the cost by calling the toss early in the game, but where is the fun in that? Late game stage, it will also be more costly for your opponent.

PK FIRE or Lightlords mirror match maybe? Just don't use it in a deck that utilises Pot of Desires. You will probably deck out very fast. Infernoids can also give it a try.

Last but not least, remember to pray that you are like Joey Wheeler, whose luck never seems to run out.

2) Burn Out

Should you not like something as risky as a coin toss, give Burn Out a try.
Similar to Fiend Comedian, Burn Out banishes cards in the graveyard. However, you would be banishing your own cards as well. An assured banish of your opponent's grave, at the cost of your own. It also has its own activation requirement, although it may be pretty easy to fulfill in the current meta.
The fact that it only banishes monsters might also mean that it can be abused in trap monsters deck like Burgesstoma.

3) Xing Zhen Hu

For decks that wanna clog up the backrow, and it can further seal your opponent's spell when it works together with Anti-Spell Fragrance. It even has a replica, literally named Xing Zhen Hu Replica. Replica does prevent chaining though, something its predecessor lack. It also trades a 'double-seal' for a single one. Preventing chaining can be used gimmicky-ly, such as 'breaking the chain' of Chain-based decks like Burgesstoma and Chain Burn.

4) Aurora Paragon

Paragon is an interesting card, and I came across it while searching for Normal Rare cards after looking through Xing Zhen Hu Replica. I find it interesting and hilarious that it gets destroyed upon a monster's normal summon. But it is a cool tech to have in decks that rarely performs a normal summon. Like the trap-based deck Burgesstoma? Damn it seems like that archetype keeps popping out at every example. Infernoid  is also another deck that performs little to no normal summons. I would recall DAM SON drawing and passing every single turn when I summoned Jowgen against his Infernoid deck.

And from this card's tip page on Yugioh Wikia, By Order of the Emperor works well with this card's effect. It nets you a draw and prevent this card's destruction.

5) Localised Tornado

A single card capable of returning your entire grave to the deck, along with your hand as well though. I am bewildered by this card's effect, but don't even know where to start? How to abuse it? When can it be useful? Any theoretical good use to this card's effect?
I shall just leave it here and hopefully someone may find good use to it.
It can prevent a deck out, lol.


Answering the question that's asked many times, what is the difference between TechTuesday and CardWatch2K16? Well, I would say both serve the same purpose in introducing tech ideas. But CardWatch2K16 is more of a list to remind players some cards exists, and TechTuesday goes more in depth to creative ideas. Hope that answers your question?

CardWatch's list seems to be getting shorter and shorter. But it was never my intention to keep it restricted to a certain number. I just constantly add cards to the article during the month, and keep extending the article until it is time to be published. As I invest more time into composing other articles, my database-scouting time decreases, and hence the shorter CardWatch articles as each month passes.

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