Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Deck Discussion: Aqua HEROes


The introduction of INOV released Treatoad into the OCG, the next Cyber Dragon Infinity to-be. Being a Rank2 WATER xyz monster, players can summon it with Bahamut Shark. Hence, players turn back to Judai's iconic archetype for the Rank4 spam once more. Having Tin Goldish and E-Hero Bubbleman in the deck, players can easily summon Bahamut. Pot of Cupidity is usually played at three to increase consistency and quickly draw into the needed pieces to set up the lockdown, while Shadow Mist is easily searchable via Emergency Call and Stratos.

Setting up the lockdown

Let's first analyse Treatoad's full effect:

  • 2 Level 2 Aqua-Type monsters
  • Once per turn, during the Standby Phase: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; Special Summon 1 "Frog" monster from your Deck, except "Frog the Jam". 
  • Once per turn, during either player's turn, when your opponent activates a Spell/Trap Card, or monster effect: You can send 1 Aqua-Type monster from your hand or field to the Graveyard; negate the activation, and if you do, destroy that card, then you can Set the destroyed card on your field.
  • If this card is sent to the Graveyard: You can target 1 WATER monster in your Graveyard; add it to your hand.
The initial summoning condition of two Aqua-Types shouldn't bother a HERO user much since they are going to bypass the conditions with Bahamut Shark anyway. Speaking of Bahamut Shark, there are a few interesting options you can consider to increase your arsenal of Level4 WATER monsters. Frost Vassel can special summon itself and it fits nicely as a Level4, although it is more of a go-second card, due to its summoning condition. Graydle Eagle can also be considered to pay the cost for Treatoad. However, the normal lineup of triple Bubbleman and Goldfish should suffice, as the former is easily searchable.

Although Treatoad can send itself as cost, and then recycle itself with the third effect, only to be summoned again by Bahamut Shark. Which makes Shark so much more of a threat now. Dark Law, as always, can be summoned quickly with the help of A Hero Arrives. Facing Vatlamyus, even Stratos can be a Dark Law.


Escaping the lockdown:


Treatoad is similar to Cyber Dragon Infinity, except more annoying. Previously, players would attempt the bait the negation effect. Spells that flip monsters face down, ever so popular in the OCG meta even since Djinn Lock started being the norm, can get you out of the lockdown. Or at the very least, bait out their effects. Concealing & Book of Eclipse contest for the best card choice for this problem. Book of Moon trails behind.

But now, you have to reconsider your options, since you would now lose a card to Treatoad, as its negation consist of a theft effect, something that Infinity did not have. You definitely would not want your opponent getting too much of your cards. As always, cards that don't start a chain and thus cannot be negated are much appreciated. Santa Claws and Lava Golem's popularity continue to climb, in the absence of Kaiju monsters in the OCG. Fearing Vanity's Emptiness, and eagerly wanting to clear all three threats on the board (Treatoad, Shark, Dak Law) Players are even giving Ra - Sphere Mode a try.

It is worth noting that that according the official OCG rulings, you CAN chain Solemn Warning to Treatoad's negation effect should it be negating a Pendulum monster's pendulum/monster effect or a monster effect. (link) Due to how game mechanics work, Solemn Strike can stop Treatoad as well, as well as Dark Law's secondary effect which starts a chain.

Perhaps the most useful and unbeatable method of clearing the lockdown would be Super Polymerisation.
Absolute Zero is the candidate of choice, for you to get rid of both Dark Law and Treatoad. Being unchainable, Treatoad can't negate it. And Absolute Zero poses a field clearing effect upon leaving the field, which could spell trouble for the opponent.

Players should consider the Forbidden spell series, with Lance & Chalice being the top choices.
Lance's 800attack reduction can be the key to defeating Dark Law in battle, seeing how many decks can plow their way through a 1600ATK monster. Chalice acts as a negating spell which can be used on the first turn, hence preferable to Breakthrough Skill, although the trap counterpart compensates for its lack of speed by offering up to two negations per card.

With Metalfoe decks focusing on Kirin for their deck's control capabilities, with many players dropping Gofu & Stein almost completely, in favor of the new support, I would suggest Lance even more. Lance allows Kirin the defeat Dark Law in battle, probably after Kirin baited out a negation of Treatoad and survive due to its own effect.

The dilemma comes when dealing with WHO to get rid of first. Dark Law, Treatoad poses the largest threat on the board. But leave Bahamut Shark on the board and you will see Treatoad emerge next turn.

Personally I would ignore Bahamut Shark first, get Dark Law & Treatoad out of sight, then proceed to remove Bahamut Shark the next turn, with cards similar to Compulsory / Solemn Strike since Treatoad won't be there to negate it. Of course, as always, your resources at hand will determine / limit your options. Just don't forget that you can always defeat Treatoad in battle as well. 2200ATK is manageable.
And that's another common monster my Cyber Rampage Dragon can get over.

One should also not neglect backrow destruction when dealing with this new breed of heroes.
Like any non-pendulum decks, HEROes are capable of playing Anti-Spell Fragrance. This could not only slow you down, but also delay your efforts in getting rid of their monsters that controlling the board.
Anti-Spell + Dark Law + Treatoad.
Facing that lockdown is just terror.
Now wait for it..... the handshake and smirk comes. lol.

Preventing the lockdown

Like any deck which prefers to go first to set up their field, hand traps would disrupt then. Yuki Usagi can be reserved to specifically target Treatoad, or their limited Shadow Mist, should Mist be called out via A Hero LivesMaxx C ensures that they can't swarm without risking you gathering card advantage. And should they be confident enough to lock you down completely, they would take up the challenge, and you would have gained notable card advantage to bait out their effects. hopefully...

As per any water-based deck, Aqua HEROes are vulnerable to Diamond Dust. With A Hero Lives' "always payable but high cost", the burn damage might just be enough to end them. Just use Dust before Treatoad touches ground. To eliminate their main deck monsters or Bahamut Shark is up to you.


Notably, other variants of Frog decks such as Pure Frogs and Graydle Frogs have more to gain from Treatoad's abilities. Be it the summon for swarming, or having more monsters on the field and hand to pay for Treatoad's negation cost. However, HEROes grant the user the advantage of summoning Dark Law, extending a stricter lockdown on the field. Graydle Frogs, on the other hand, is the greatest card theft.

Speaking of theft, don't forget to retrieve your stolen cards after the game. Interesting story, I lost a Ultra Rare Dark Rebellion Dragon during the Cyber Infinity era after Infinity make Rebellion into an xyz material. Never seen it since.

It seems that with Bahamut Shark being that useful now, Norden wouldn't be seeing the light of day. Guess we should be thankful that Norden is currently Forbidden.

As Overwatch Mercy says: HEROes never dies. Dark Law continues to be annoying, and he got into bed with Treatoad after his affair with Ptolymaeus ended. 

That's all for now.
Ken Sir


  1. Very good article. I think I should pick up Heros again before Treatoad gets released.

    1. Thank you for the compliment ! :D