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Learn your ABCs: Part 3


Edit #1
Probably the article many were looking forward to.
Combos of the deck helps the newer players who have yet to master the deck, so feel free always to refer to this article for the combos. I will try to keep it as detailed as possible.

Always admired Yusei's combo-thinking process.

Without much further ado...

Combo A:

Union Hanger + Transmodify

A Standard play for first turn set-up.

1) Activate Union Hanger.
2) Use Hanger's effect to fetch A - Assault Core.
3) Summon Assault Core via normal summon
4) Triggering Union Hanger's effect, Equip B - Buster Drake to Assault Core.
5) Activate Transmodify from hand, targeting Assault Core, to special summon Galaxy Soldier
6) Start your chain link.
Galaxy Soldier as Chain Link 1, searching for Galaxy Soldier #2
B - Buster Drake as Chain Link 2.

(It is important to leave Buster Drake as Chain Link 2. 
This is to prevent Soldier from getting destroyed by Yuki Usagi. 
 Although it would make more sense to chain Usagi to Union Hanger's trigger effect. 
Nevertheless leaving B at Chain Link 2 is a good practice)

7) Summon Galaxy Soldier #2 by discarding Crush Wyvern.
8) Xyz summon both Soldiers for Cyber Dragon Nova, then Cyber Dragon Infinity.
9) Summon ABC Dragon Buster.

With the standard five card draw at the start of the duel, you will still have three cards in hand.
3 Solemn Strikes maybe? Set 3 and offer your handshake.
 Lol. Just kidding. Don't.

Of course, should you open with Terraforming & Transmodify, it is the same procedure with an additional initial step of searching out Union Hanger. This applies to all combos regarding Union Hanger.

Combo B:

Red Resonator + Union Hanger + 1 Union in hand (Any)

1) Activate Union Hanger.
2) Use Hanger's effect to fetch Buster Drake.
3) Summon Red Resonator and use its effect to special summon Buster Drake
4) Equip Crush Wyvern from deck to Buster Drake.
5) Tune for Coral Dragon.
6) Trigger Buster Drake's & Crush Wyvern's effect. Search & Summon Assault Core

(note* Ruling dictates that you will first need another Union monster in hand to trigger Crush's effect. You must possess a union monster in hand to trigger C's effect, although you can still summon your searched copy.)

7) Tune Assault Core & Coral Dragon for Leo, The Keeper of The Sacred Tree. Draw one from Coral's effect
8) Summon ABC Dragon Buster.

Combo C

Cockadoodledoo + Union Hanger

No picture for this one since there is a video

Dueling Cancer will merely guide you through the steps. But the video is pretty foolproof.

1) Activate Union Hanger, search out A - Assault Core.
2) Special summon Cockadoodledoo.
3) Summon Assault Core via normal summon and equip Buster Drake to it.
4) Tune Assault Core + Cockadoodledoo for Ancient Fairy Dragon.
5) Trigger Buster's effect to search Torque Gear.
6) Use Ancient Fairy effect to destroy and search Pseudo Space.
7) Play Pseudo Space & remove Union Hanger.
8) Use Fairy to summon Torque.
9) Trigger Pseudo Space effect to equip Crusher to Torque.
10) Tune Torque & Fairy Dragon for Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon .
11) Summon ABC Dragon Buster.

Combo D

Gold/Silver Gadget + Union Hanger

1) Activate Union Hanger, search out A - Assault Core.
2) Normal Summon Gadget and use its effect to Special Summon Assault.
3) Trigger Union Hanger to equip Assault with Buster.
4) Xyz Summon both Assault & Gadget to summon Tsukiyomi.
5) Activate Buster's effect to search Crush.
6) Activate Tsukiyomi's effect to discard your hand, including Crush.
7) Summon out Dragon Buster.

This setup only manages to summon Dragon Buster as a threat as Tsukiyomi does nothing during your opponent's field. But is best used when you open with many traps, so you can avoid having a loss in card economics when resolving Tsukiyomi effect.
Edit: Gadget serves only as an extra Level4 LIGHT on the field. Hence, Reinforcement of the Army and Photon Thrasher can replace that role.

Combo E

And here we have the highlight of the post.
Something I came up with when trying to exploit the Karakuri synchros.
Unlike the other combos, this isn't a first turn combo.

Last, but definitely not the least,

1) At your opponent's end phase, with Union Hanger on the field, dismantle Dragon Buster to summon out Assault, Buster & Crush.
2) Triggering Union Hanger, equip Assault #2 from deck to Buster.

3) Your turn. Draw.


4) Special Summon Assault #2 and equip it with Troque Tune Gear due to Union Hanger.
5) Tune the now-tuner Assault #2 and Buster for Karakuri Shogun mdl 00 "Burei".
6) Upon successful summon, build your Chain Link
  1. Bureido
  2. Assault
  3. Buster
Resolving: Search Crush #2 with , retrieve Torque Gear, Summon Karakuri Watchdog mdl 313 Saizen.

7) Saizen + Crush #1 to summon Bureido #2. [Crush #1 is from the dismantled ABC]

7) Upon successful summon, build your Chain Link

  1. Bureido #2 
  2. Crusher
 Summon out Crusher #2 from hand and Saizen #2 from deck.

Current recap:

8) Assault + Saizen #2 = Bureido #3

9) Upon successful summon, build your Chain Link

  1. Bureido #2 
  2. Assualt  [OPTIONAL]
Retrieve Assault #2 from grave [OPTIONAL] and Karakuri Komachi mdl 224 "Ninishi" from deck.

10) Ninishi + Crush #2 = Burei

Opt NOT to use Burei's effect upon summon. Only activate the just-tuned Crush Wyvern's effect to summon out Torque Tune Gear.

Change Torque's battle position via Burei's effect and enjoy a [draw three] from the three Bureido's effect.

Torque + Burei = Crystal Wing.

Alternatively, forsake Torque Tune Gear and choose to activate Burei's effect upon successful summon.

You can:
  • Summon Saizen #3 for a 4 + 7 into Star Eater
  • Summon Ninishi #2 for a 3 + 7 into Leo, Keeper of the Sacred Tree
At the end, you even have the option to go for a Rank8 xyz with the Bureidos. Be it Felgrand or Number 38.

This spam combo relies on Crush Wyvern to continuously replenish the board with non-tuner monsters and the Karakuri synchros providing the tuners.
I was just idling in my work office today as I slowly forged the combo.
Yes, Dsummon will be proud!


There are a few important things to keep in mind though, which will help you in the long run:

  • Terraforming is essentially a Union Hanger in hand aka a combo piece
  • Galaxy Soldier + 2 LIGHT Types = Pleiades/Cyber Nova
  • If you main or side Cyber Dragon, don't forget that you can use Nova to special summon it.
  • Combo A only requires two pieces to make an impressive board. I hope now players are convinced that running cards such as Upstart Goblin and/or Pot of Cupidity isn't all that bad.
  • Photon Thrasher, although we seldom talk about it, is searchable via Reinforcement of the Army. Like the Gadgets, it functions as an extra piece on the field for synchro and/or xyz plays.
  • Synchro and Xyz summons will result in the material's equipping Union monster to be destroyed and sent from field to grave - exploit that. Which is why you often see Buster being equipped.

These combos mainly follow the standard Soldier and Gadget builds of ABC. There are many more videos and combos I would like to showcase and share, but due to the popularity of ABCs and the number of readers rushing me for this article, I decided to rush this article first.

13th July 1158hours
Now let me cry tears of joy and catch some sleep.

I have more combos in mind, one of which involves the Symphonics build. It would take a longer time to set up though, as I want it to be done via video instead.
Pardon the poorly edited images. But I hope that it is able to help with your understanding of the steps.

As usual, any suggestions, opinions and input is gladly welcomed.
Ken Sir

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