Saturday, 23 July 2016

Tourney Report: 230716

Short one, since I haven't done a tourney report in a while.
No pictures coz lazy and tired lol.
And I wanna go play OVERWATCH. xD

Local Rankings 
Cyber ABC

Round 1 - Vs Metalfoe XOO

Game 1
I started with an unappealing hand, and soon lost to Kirin controlling the board.

Game 2
I sacrificed board control and managed to go an OTK with Cyber Rampage Dragon.

Game 3
I managed to drain his resources by banishing his scales with ABC - Dragon Buster. Dimension Barrier declaring Pendulums sealed me victory.

Round 2 - Metalfoe OXO

Game 1
Again with the bad hand. I drew one of each alphabets, and drew Maxx C during my 1st Draw Phase and AFTER my opponent has set up the field. 

Game 2
My attempt to set up board control with A Hero Lives into Shadow Mist was foiled by Ghost Ogre.
I managed to use Exciton Knight to clear his board of Fullmetalfoes Alkahest and Kirin, and I summoned Rampage & ABC - Dragon Buster.
Both of us forgetting Exciton preventing him from taking damage, he conceded and I accepted. We only realised during siding for Game 3.

Game 3
He went first and with a very good board control, and my hand filled with Prismas, he managed to win the game. Not even Dimension Barrier could save me this time round.

So many metalfoes.....

Round 3 - D/D/D XOO

Game 1. 
I opted to go first for a turn, and started with a weak field. He turned his field into an full-on OTK with his high attack monsters. 

Game 2
His turn to have a bad hand. WAHAHAHA
Despite his Allure of Darkness draws, I managed to seize the window of opportunity to OTK with Rampage.

Game 3
The game eventually went into Time, but I depleted his life points to zero before Turn 3. Ghost Ogre kept him at bay, stopping his searches, and Maxx C rewarded me with some hand advantage. Setting a few fakes, he played cautiously. The costed him dearly as I managed to turn the tables to win.

Round 4 - ABC XX

My first ABC matchup in a tournament lol.
Game 1
He had an impressive setup, with Tskuyomi and Dragon Buster. I bricked with two Prisma, and unable to summon a 2nd Cyber Dragon after Prisma got removed.

Game 2
I gave him the first turn and I dropped Maxx C at his standby, having started with two at my opening hand. He managed a normal summon and set a face down, which turned up to be Vanity's. With two Cyber Dragons I couldn't special summon them out and with Prisma and C - Crush Wyvern dying to his A-Assault Core, I eventually lost to a beatdown by the unions, dying to that limited floodgate I never had to worry about in my old deck. #lol

Round 5 - ABC OO

Game 1
I managed to surprise him with my Cyber Dragon engine and that baited out his banishes. I proceed for board control which won me the game.

Game 2
We fought til time was called, but with Cyber Dragons, I managed to out-resource him. It was very tiring though. As we exchanged banishes and had to keep checking our respective and opponent's grave for alphabet parts.

Ended up in the 9th slot with K.Xavage at 8th. WONDERFUL LUCK. DAM SON performed impressively with 4 out of 5 wins. GeoTheBacon slacked off and only secured two wins.

With the need to wake up early, I won't stay up late tonight to complete this blog post in detail, so I will select another appropriate time and post to talk about my deck build changes in depth.
And yes you read right, Shadow Mist into ABC coz I am Ken Sir.

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