Saturday, 16 July 2016

INOV Release Party 160716

First such event in Singapore.

I was always jealous of TCG large events, sneak peeks, Yu-Gi-Oh! Day Events, release parties, Draft Locals etc.

Glad I got to experience something similar here in Singapore. This event feels like a first step towards more frequent casual, product-related events being held here in the little red dot.

Well, let's get started.

Tournament Format:
  • Single Elimination
  • Duelist’s MAIN deck must include a minimum of 15 cards from the Invasion of Venom booster pack.
  • MAIN deck does not include side deck and extra deck.
  • The Duelist’s MAIN deck must still include 15 cards from the Invasion of Venom booster pack even AFTER side-decking.

Players reluctant/lazy to form a deck could proceed with a lucky draw for the event. Basically cards that got support from this latest pack were mostly playable for the event. Dimension Barrier got hyped way more, as it was the staple popular card to include as part of the 15-card requirement.

Crystons, Chemical Beast, Metalfoe stood out the most as the playable decks.
Tellarknights were an option. (Heard that someone at another event venue piloted that.)

We, at Dueling Cancer, manage to get a ticket each as we purchased INOV boxes. And apart from Traveller of the Burning Herpes, we all formed a deck and joined this casual event.

The Squad gathers...

  • GeoTheBacon - Frog Crystons
  • K.Xavage - Chemical Beast
  • DAM SON - Metalfoe
  • Me - RED EYES!

HAH! Bet you guys weren't expecting Nightshroud's iconic ace.

The turnout was 9 players, at first I was expected everyone to have a first round, with a single player getting a bye. (YES I HOPE THAT PERSON IS ME! I THOUGHT)

Moments later, I was told the event was prepared to have a 16-player turnout for it would have been 8 pairings. 


I really have to blame my rotten luck. Reminds me of Asia Championship SP back in January (god has it been that long?) where all of my other friends got a [BYE] and I had to play. ;') Wonderful~!

I lost back then at the first round, it was Single Eli as well. Will history repeat itself?

Round 1 - Vs Lightlord-Shirayuki

Daunting Pose, Shirayuki and Greydle Slime Jr were thrown into the deck with a Lightlord engine. Pose proved to be the most annoying one. The deck can also summon PSY-Framelord Omega with the 4+4 capabilities.
Common INOV staples included Barrier & Pot of Avidity.
Being a deck centered on milling means it is like a gamble, betting twice on luck than any other deck

On a personal note, I think that the event was structured really well.
The lack of an entry fee and a free entry to the lucky draw upon submission of the ticket attracted a large number of players to the event, even if they were just there for the lucky draw.

Game 1 - I lost after his did his swarming. Although Judgment Dragon didn't make an appearance, Daunting Pose got very annoying in stopping my plays. Once Pose 's graveyard effect target is destroyed, I can't even proceed to attack the rest. A field clear by his constantly-revived Felis starved my resources. My deck can't recover from a loss of resources.

Game 2 - I burned, and burned and attacked. Traps kept me alive and my field flooded. Wonderful. :D

Game 3 - We entered Game 3 with time being called. He went first, after the sequence was decided by a dice roll. He couldn't manage much, so he summoned a card and ended his turn. I recalled it was Cryston Quon. I summoned Red-Eyes Black Flare Dragon.

Upon attacking declaration, he chained his Quon's effect and I dropped Maxx C, netting a +1. My burn damage went through at the end of the Battle Phase, despite Dragon dying to Ghost Ogre. Maxx C drew me two cards required to stall and win - Dragon's Mirror for the summon of First of the Dragons and Red-Eyes Insight to add Return of Red Eyes. I set it along Red-Eyes Spirit which I had from my opening hand. Unable to deal damage, he conceded.

Round 2 - Vs DAM SON!

Game 1 - He summoned Last Warrior from Another Planet and my hopes of winning went to another planet too. Didn't draw into my outs lol.

Game 2 - With two Kirins and the newly debuted Level1 Metalfoe fusion monster, he controlled the field + I drew badly.

Bye bye chances of winning


Not much to discuss. I didn't give it much thought. And most of it was GeoTheBacon's idea.
Maxx C and friends belong in the main deck. I just forgot to include them in the first picture and had to retake it. lol

Meanwhile, DAM SON proceeded to play against GeoTheBacon and won, making it into the semi-finals, winning him at least a Asia Championship SP sleeve (orange). He eventually got it, finishing second, with his opponent overpowering him with Dimension Barrier. His opponent piloted a 50-card Metalfoe deck.

Like GeoTheBacon, K.Xavage finished at the semi-finals. The both won more chances for the lucky draw, ensuring that their visit and trip wasn't in vain.

With the 15-card requirement, many interesting decks surfaced. Arguably the funniest one belonged to DAM SON who squeezed in Sauravis, the Crowned Ancient Sage and wanted it to suffice as a hand trap. He also did not play Dimension Barrier as he did not purchase a single copy.

Like me, many agreed that this event would be better suited for products such as Booster SP, which introduces new archetype, along with reprints and the 15-card requirement would be easier to curb. Along with attracting players to the event, it is a nice way to promote new archetypes and see a different meta (for a while). I think that 15 cards were reasonable and it is a suitable number. If it were to be increased, I think it should be capped at 20. A larger number than that will probably spoil the fun. Many thanks to SGCardMart for organizing this event, and I look forward to future similar events.

That's all for now. I had fun. All that matters. :D

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