Sunday, 31 July 2016

CardWatch 2K16: August

July is ending...
Only 10 cards this time round, let's cut to the chase and begin!

1) Proof Of Powerlessness

I am surprised that this card didn't see much play in Singapore for Blue-Eyes decks, it is because players do not know about it?
It seems like a mirror to Grave of the Super Ancient Organism, in the way that it is the high-levels way of countering the low-levels, while Grave is the low-levels monsters way to laughing at the higher ups.

Granted it does not have much to offer in a Metalfoe-matchup, but it is capable of disrupting your opponent's plays. Needlessly to say, to prevent the drawback, activate it during your opponent's turn.
It is probably better when PK BA saw more play, but this card shouldn't fall off the map completely.

2) EM Seal Eel

Seal Eel, newly debuted, benefits from its status as a Level1. Searchable by Where Arf Thou, and players can even splash in Instant Fusion + Thousand Eye Restrict to abuse the latter's recently semi-limited status.
It's monster effect, which cannot be chained, can SEAL a card for a turn, nullifying it and rendering it useless. Its pendulum effect allows you to negate a faceup card's effect, which is pretty handy, acting as a pseudo-Effect Veiler. . It won't fit into all decks, but D/D/D decks in particular, should give it a thought.

3) Trial and Tribulation

Control decks can try this card out to gain more resources and obtain more board control. Currently, Nekroz and Infernoid are both candidates. Hieratic Cyber Angels can also attempt to make this card useful.

4) Leeching the Light

I played this during my Yosenju deck era, and an average of 4K attacks on my three monsters is pretty hilarious. Even with Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, they couldn't avoid the OTK.
Blue-Eyes ATK points stands at the symbolic 3000, and with this card you are able to add it to ALL your monsters.
Time to offer handshake?

5) Poisonous Wind

Anti-WIND archtype card, as the name suggests.
"Dragunity", "Gusto", "Speedroid", "Harpie", "Majespecter" and "Mist Valley" Never got the chance to play this since Yosenju suffers from the attack drop as well. But it would completely shut down a Pure Majespector deck. As if Racoon's and Cat's attack weren't low enough, one copy of it can drop Kirin to a manageable 1.5ATK points.

No cost, no maintenance cost. And being unable to special summon WIND kinda means you will only see 1 Kirin on the field, if you do something about the Kirin on field and not let them slowly tribute summon and flood. And this card's effect stacks. Three of it and Kirin is just a 500ATK beatstick. The attack drop is appreciated but what will probably kill Majespector off is the disallowance of special summons. Just be careful not to let its effect clash with Vatlamyus, for Tellar players.

With Raging Tempest, the next booster box in line, annouced to have support for a (currently unknown) Duel Terminal theme, could Gusto be the one? And would this card eventually be useful?

6) Photon Lead

With the Tellars returning and the massive spam of ABC decks all around, perhaps these decks would appreciate an extra summon from hand should the situation call for it. This card might even surpass Skybridge in some ways, as you can start your plays with this card.

7) Penguin Soldier

An alternate method to the traditional Ryko/Night Assailant method of removing threats. Being at Level2 means that it still serves purpose in a Treatoad deck, which is slowly gaining popularity.

8) Different Dimension Grounds

A one-turn Macro Cosmos, perfect for decks which would otherwise suffer from constant banishing. The worse way this can backfire on you is if your monsters are destroyed by battle.

If Macro Cosmos will kill you and your opponent, opt for this card instead. I think this card pretty much kills every single meta deck currently, due to their graveyard reliance, making it probably the best versatile sidedeck option currently. At least, in my opinion.

9) A Major Upset

With the recent rise in Level2 decks for the sake of Treatoad, and the upcoming Burgestomma archetype, it seems that this card is worth a second look. It also grants you usage of the frog card that Treatoad summons out during your opponent's standby phase, giving you further control of the field.

Used it on ABC Dragon-Buster during their turn and they won't be able to escape by dismantling. Use it on Blue-Eyes and disrupt their plays. But lastly, use it on Kozmo and you will be able to get rid of the threat without destroying it and triggering their effects.

You can even tribute tokens for this card's effect.

Moral of the story: Don't belittle Mokey Mokey

10) Poseidon Wave

Interesting option that works better than the standard Negate Attack or Threatening Roar. Frog decks might want to consider this option to protect their Treatoad, although pure Frog decks will benefit from this card's effect more than other Frog Variants does. The burn damage may lose you some friends, as they rage from their unexpected and sudden loss.
But then again if you are playing Frogs, chances are you don't have much friends to begin with or left with. xD


Hope some of this tech cards caught you by surprise, and I hope that you can catch your opponent by surprise too.

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