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Intro to Nekroz - Part 1

Hey guys! Today, I'm finally here to give an introduction on one of my favorite decks - Nekroz. Many may find this deck incomparable to notable tier 1 decks such as Blue-Eyes and Metalfoe, but I believe it still has potential if properly played.

The Descendants of the Ice Barrier!

After the Duel Terminal War, the survivors of the Gishki Clan, Gishki Emilia and Gishki Avance joined forces to create the Nekroz Clan. Gishki Emilia and Gishki Avance became the Dance Princess of the Nekroz and Great Sorcerer of the Nekroz respectively, and they bore a child later known as Shurit, Strategist of the Nekroz. Soon after, they were allied with Exa, Enforcer of the Nekroz. The Nekroz Clan used magical mirrors to weave the power of other monsters from various factions from the Duel Terminal World. They even possessed the potential to control the power of the three Ice Barrier Dragons.

Essentially, Nekroz is a deck revolving around ritual summons, utilising both archetype-specific cards and ritual support to make their plays. The Nekroz archetype can be grouped into effect monsters, ritual monsters, and ritual spells. Each play important roles the deck can't possibly hope to function without. Below, I shall provide my take on each card, as well as give a recommendation on how many copies should be played;

Effect Monsters:

The effect monsters of the Nekroz archetype do not see much play in the current meta. Many of their effects are support-oriented, and certain staples serve as more effective choices. However, some of these monsters are also so quintessential to the deck, that one couldn't possibly hope to play without.

Great Sorceror of the Nekroz

The current Gishki Avance seems to have put on a couple years. With lackluster statistics and slow effects, it seems the only remaining use for him would be ritual fodder. That said, Great Sorceror of the Nekroz doesn't even fulfill the entire ritual requirement for most Nerkoz ritual monsters. There are better cards one could run.
Run: 0

Dance Princess of the Nekroz

Unlike Gishki Avance, it seems like Gishki Emilia hasn't aged one bit. Her stats aren't too solid, but she has a decent effect that ensures the success of your ritual summons and can also act as another layer of protection. You can also retrieved cards you had banished when she is tributed, allowing for some late-game potential. Lastly, she could shut down Naturia Exterio from negating your spells.
Currently also trying a gimmicky build involving her getting in bed with other WATER Level4s to summon Bahamut Shark and yes, wait-for-it.... Treatoad as well
Run: 0-1 (Side Deck)

Zefrasaber, Swordman of the Nekroz


This card is a walking ritual spell. Being able to ritual summon without activating a ritual spell means that cards like Naturia Exterio can't negate it.
Run: 0-1 (Side Deck)
Shurit, Strategist of the Nekroz

By far the best effect monster in the archetype, it is a shame young Shurit, Strategist of the Nekroz was limited. Stats don't really mean anything when he can fulfills the full ritual requirement for Nekroz monsters, and he has a search effect to top it off. This young man definitely lives up to his title of "Strategist", as he definitely opens up plenty of plays for the deck.
Run: 1 (Limited)

Exa, Enforcer of the Nekroz

For someone titled "Enforcer", you'd imagine he'd be a bit more of a threat. Being a level 5 with only 2000 atk, Exa, Enforcer of the Nekroz is more useful as ritual material. His effect would have been some level of redemption, but the only viable dragon-type Nekroz ritual monster is Nekroz of Decisive Armor. The lack of searchable targets deems this card as dead weight, as there are generic ritual supports that can be used in its place.
Run: 0

Ritual Monsters:

The ritual monsters are the mainstays of the deck. They all have discard effects and can be split into two categories. Level 6 and below ritual monsters have discard effects that are more search and special summon oriented, and can only be activated on the player's turn. Level 7 and above ritual monsters have discard effects that are quickplay, and generally serve as hand traps.

Shurit as a child, clad in the armor of Mist Bird Clausolas. Nekroz's spell searcher and a counter to most extra deck monsters. What reason is there not to play it at three?
Run: 3


Young Avance wearing the armor of Fabled Unicore. At least Avance is not old as hell in this card. Anyways Unicore's convenient level allows you to send Herald of The Arc Light as tribute to summon him out, triggering Herald's effect for a search. It also has a decent discard effect although it is not advisable to use it recklessly as resources are scarce - Unicore is limited.
Run: 1 (Limited)

Nekroz of Catastor


Exa in the armor of Ally of Justice Catastor. Catastor may seem good till you realized that you can't special summon Nekroz ritual monsters from the graveyard except by ritual summoning them. :(
Run: 0

Nekroz of Brionac


Adolescent Shurit donning the armor of Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier. Brionac seems to be more useful in hand. Brionac turns Preparation of Rites into a searcher for the entire Nekroz archetype. Brionac's on-field effect may also be useful to take down floaters summoned from the extra deck, but it is mostly used to search and set up plays. But hey, never forget it has an impressive on-field effect.
Run: 1 (Limited)

Nekroz of Gungnir


Emilia wearing the armor of Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier. Its always nice to have a card to protect your ritual monsters from destruction. Especially when that ritual-summoned monster is summoned by tributing Djinn.
Run: 1

Nekroz of Valkyrus


Middle-Aged Avance in the armor of Fabled Valkyrus. Nekroz's main defense card in hand. Valkyrus also gets rid of used Manju and Senju to draw cards. It also can be used to tribute Djinns in your hand, dead cards as well for more draws. And a true joy to have when time is called in your duels. (Makes your opponent harder to deal damage to you, since it can end the Battle Phase)
Run: 2

Adult Shurit clad in the armor of Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barriers. Trishula should normally be used for its on-field effect only, being able to banish a card each from the hand,field and grave can deprive your opponent of their resources. However unlike the original counterpart, Nekroz of Trishula MUST banish cards from all three zones.
This means that should your opponent not have a single card in hand, its effect can't resolve. Alongside Decisive Armor, I consider Trishula to be one of the boss monsters of the archetype, to clear the board and eliminate threats. 

Run: 2


Exa donning the armor of Ally of Justice Decisive Armor. Decisive Armor is the strongest Nekroz monster in terms of stats. His effect is also rather devastating, being able to banish a set card and to be able to give a fellow Nekroz monster 1000 ATK and DEF till the end of the turn.
Run: 1


Her summoning conditions is just as demanding as the original. NOPE JUST NOPE
Run: 0

Nekroz Ritual Spells


The "Miracle Fusion" of Nekroz. Being able to ritual summon monsters by using cards in the hand,field or/and grave to ritual summon.
Run: 2


A unique spell that lets u have a choice to use monsters from the extra deck as tribute for a ritual summon. Thus being able to abuse cards like Herald. It also allows you to summon multiple Nekroz monsters at once.
Run: 2-3


Nekroz Cycle allows you to ritual summon monsters from your hand or graveyard. This allows you to recycle your Nekroz monster effects or to summon them right after using their discard effects.
Run: 1(Limited)

Off-themed Cards


Both Manju and Senju are searchers. Since they can literally add any Nekroz card to your hand with the help of Brionac and Clausolas, Both cards are a must play.
Run: 3 Each


When this card is tributed for a ritual summon, as long as your ritual monster survives your opponent cannot special summon?! Wow.
Run: 2


Since Shurit is at 1, Warrior Returning Alive is used to recycle Shurit back to hand. You can also add any other warrior-type monster back too. With the limitation of our best tribute fodder, Nekroz users make do.


Being able to add ANY Nekroz monster to hand(With the help of Brionac) and to add back a ritual spell card from the grave to the hand at a cost of 1 card? I don't see why you won't play this card.
Run: 1(Limited)


Target for Kaleidoscope when summoning Unicore. Being able to add any ritual monster or spell is never a bad thing anyways.
Run: 1 (Unicore Limited)


Easily summoned through Manju/Senju + Unicore. At this time, Herald would be in the grave for Nyarla to put as Xyz material. When Herald is sent to the grave again, you get another free search.
Run: 1

Heroic Challenger - Assault Halberd


Apart from Manju/Senju, your only level 4 monster is Unicore which is limited. Assault Halberd adds in speed for the deck and more Xyz potential to Nekroz. Being able to search for a Heroic Challenger card including himself when dealt damage generates pluses for the deck.
Run: 3



Rather similar to Assault Halberd except that Juragedo have the ability to buff your monsters by 1000 ATK and DEF by tributing himself. This can be used to ram over monsters and help for OTK plays. However unlike Assault Halberd, it cannot search for himself, meaning that one can't recklessly summon Juragedo.
Run: 2


That's it for the first part of the Intro to Nekroz. Stay tuned for the second part of Nekroz featuring combos and guide to Nekroz. Once again DAM SON here, signing out

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