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Singapore Rank-Up League 2016 Season 1 Duel off!

Yesterday's journey

Ladies and Gentleman it's time for my report/summary on the Rank-Up League 2016 Season 1! For the benefit of those who do not know what this is about here's a quick summary; Duelist from all over the country duel in 'rankings' hosted by official judges in local stores over a period of 3 months or else known as a season, then the top 32 players are invited to a special tourney where they will duel in a single elimination tournament to determine who is the top player for that season. Each of the top 32 players will be given a door gift, which for this season is this Phantom Knight play-mat below, and the winner of said tournament will be give the champion mat as the prize for winning.

Participation play-mat

Champion play-mat

So that is basically the idea, anyway 4 of our people, GeoTheBacon, Ken Sir, K.avage, and DAMN SON, manage to get into the top 32 of this season and here's a brief report from the point of view of me, GeoTheBacon.

First off my deck-list that I used for the event:

So for Match 1:
I gotten a bye as there wasn't full attendance, so the only thing to report about this round was that I was just lucky! 

And Now Match 2:
Finally I get to have some action or so I hoped, but I won the first round due to my opponent bricking his hand and only setting a 'The White Stone of Ancients' face-down with two spell/trap cards, which I easily clear and gotten rid of using 2 copies of 'D/D Orthros' and then prevent him from summoning a 'Blue Eyes White Dragon' during the end phase by using 'D.D. Crow' to banish the White stone before the end phase, and not being able to draw an out, my opponent lost instantly when my next turn came.
Round 2: My opponent went first, I instantly chained Maxx "C" during his standby phase which resulted in him just summoning one Blue Eyes Alternative White Dragon and ending his turn. Which brought us to my turn, I wanted to go for an OTK but when I started special summoning, my opponent chained Maxx "C" to it and being confident that I could go for the kill, I took it head on but my opponent was able to take out one of my key combo pieces which spoiled my original combo stopping me dead in my track.

I then checked how many cards that my opponent already had in his hand which was 9, so if I stop now I will most probably be finished when his next turn came anyway.
So I bet it all on my next move which was to summon a T.G. Hyper Librarian and Formula Synchron  and drew 2 cards. and I drew into Dark Contract with the Swamp King which gave me the means to summon one more monster thus leading to having enough damage to deal exactly 8200 worth of damage on the board and I tuned Librarian and Formula Synchron to summon Black Rose Moonlight Dragon which cleared his Alternative Dragon giving me an open field to finish him off.

Match 3: 
This time my match up was against ABC.
I apologize as I can't really remember the details of the match but here's what I can remember I prioritized negating their field spell and their first monster's summoning to prevent him from making much plays, I also used Dimension barrier to prevent him from using XYZ summon or XYZ monster's effect to gather the material needed to fusion summon into their boss monster and if it was too late to prevent the gathering of material I used it to prevent fusion summoning instead. I also swap out my D.D. Crow for A.O.J Cycle Reader to make it more efficient in getting rid of troublesome materials in my opponent's graveyard. With this strategy I won this round and move on to the Semi-Finals.

Before the 4th match begins, I found out that in the other pairing was K.Xavage so I went and told him let's meet in the finals. His match was a mirror ABC match while mine was a mirror D/D match and so now....

Ken Sir noted that Yugi said the same thing to Joey ["See you in the finals"], and Joey lost to Marik. #lulz

The 4th match:
Round 1: Winning the dice roll I went first but was stopped short with Maxx "C". Which brought us to his turn and he was also stopped short with Maxx "C" too as he was not confident that he could finish me off this turn, which leads to me being able to clear his board next turn and eventually winning.
Round 2: We traded blows left and right, turning it into a top draw game which I lost and thus round 3.
Round 3: I went first, opening with a perfect hand and my opponent not having any hand traps, I ended my turn with a PSY-Framelord Omega, Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon, and D/D/D Hexblood King Siegfried with a Dimension Barrier. When his turn came I opened Dimension Barrier and declared fusion which made him completely unable to do anything, resulting in me finishing him off the very next turn.

Match 5 Finals: (Sadly it wasn't against K.avage) but it was still an ABC deck, so the finals was ABC VS D/D/D. Time to learn our ABC-D!
 Ken Sir was right...
Round 1: Winning the dice roll I went first, I opened the field with D/D/D Gust King Alexander, Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon, and D/D/D Hexblood King Siegfried with Solemn Notice. Which means now it is his turn, he try to use his field spell which I instantly negates and he summoned gold gadget to use his effect which I instantly negates too thus ending his turn and leading to his demise the very next turn.
Round 2: I can't really remember much about this game expect from siding in 2 A.O.J Cycle reader which actually came in handy and ended up winning this game and thus becoming the champion for this season's Rank-Up League.


It's a bit sad that I did not get to face off with K.vage in the finals but overall, I think one of the reason that I manage to win was due to my bye in the first round, and overall good luck to open with a perfect hand in the finals. Oh and do look forward to the next part for our D/D/Detailed guide to D/D/D which will be coming out soon! Sorry for the wait. I will also be speaking more about my deck in that article. E.g. Card Choices, Reasons for Side Deck options.

But if you are eager to know. Feel free to contact our Facebook Page or comment below!

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