Thursday, 14 July 2016

Learn your ABCs: Part 2

The battle against the alphabets continues...
Previously, we covered the cards that benefit the ABC deck, for players piloting the machine archetype. Today, in this article, we shall continue on with the topic of ABCs, bringing cards that works against the deck, into the spotlight.

1) Mirror, Mirror on the wall~

Not the Imprisoning Mirrors, but Mirror of the Ice Barrier.
With their boss monster's unique ability to remove threats on the field by banishing, it seems only fitting to punish Dragon Buster and allow ABC players to have a taste of their own medicine.

2) Ban those banishes.

Previously, we talked about it. (link) Pick the card of your choice. (Pick a card, any card!)
[Not really]
Preventing them from banishing would in turn stop the summon of ABC - Dragon Buster.
It won't guarantee you victory though. ABC players would adapt and attempt to clear these floodgates. These cards/floodgates merely provide you with a window of opportunity by slowing them down and allow you extend your plays.

3) System Down, Cycle Reader

System Down is obvious. Any machines archetype will die to it, as it can deprive them of their resrouces and ABC is no exception.

Cycle Reader, apart from being searchable via Gear Gigant X, is a more powerful but specific version of D.D. Crow.

Of course, the standard D.D. Crow works too.

Just note that ABC players themselves can punish you for your nasty hand traps with their own Mirror of the Ice Barrier.

4) Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries

Ghost Reaper emerges as a powerful hand-trap that is capable of crippling the opponent in a mirror match. Once successfully resolved, it is almost impossible for your opponent to salvage or recycle those banished copies of ABC-Dragon Buster. Avidity exists, but Ghost Reaper does apply the pressure on the opponent for them to draw into their copy of the new Pot card. And players not playing any copies of it will find themselves in a severe disadvantage, having to shift their attack plan and focus on their other machines monster arsenal.

Its effectiveness is further emphasised in the TCG, considering that Pot Of Avidity has yet to be released in the TCG.

5) Compulsory Evacuation Device

Almost the universal option for getting rid of pesky extra deck monsters. It avoids destruction, hence the target can't be monster-reborn-ed. Being at three in the OCG is also a blessing. In part 4, we will proceed to explain more in detail as to why Device is an effective card to keep Dragon Buster at bay.

For now, sit on that idea and give it a thought.


6) Negate them summons

Be it from the Solemn or the Horn series, choose your pick.
My personal favourites and suggestions are Black Horn of Heaven and Solemn Strike.

Stopping their boss monsters, be it Infinity or Dragon Buster would turn their investment of resources into dust. A timely negate is all you need for that window of opportunity to deal damage, as your opponent struggles to recover.

I don't think one should sacrifice deck space & consistency and go beyond three copies of Solemn Strike to include more summoning-negating traps, but hey, feel free to show your hatred for the deck. lol


7) Spell/Trap Destruction

Question: How many people are shown in this artwork? Answer: Three. LOL go find the 3rd guy.

Union Hanger alone allows them to retrieve two out of three of the need components to form Dragon Buster. Along with B-Buster Drake's and C-Crush Wyvern's effect upon being sent to grave from the field, it is pretty easy to get Buster out. Either you search out your last missing piece, or you special summon it onto the field.

Stopping hanger will be key to disrupting ABC players from setting up their field.
Typhoon, Twin Twisters, Mystical Space Typhoon. Your choice.


A simple, short and sweet article to keep your head in the game so you don't lose track of where you are going, where you are at. We plan to learn the deck. EVERYTHING about it. Pros, cons, what and what not...

Even if you are piloting the deck, you should be wary and pay attention to what might kill you and how they can be used to kill you, and thus how can their deadly effects be avoided.

This article's content is reduced and shifted to future installments of this [Learn your ABCs] series.
In future posts, we will dive deeper into understanding the ABC deck.

Next up on Part 3, 
Dueling Cancer Presents to you the combo plays of an ABC deck.

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