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Engines: Interesting and Innovative

Introducing creative lineup of cards that form an engine for decks to either:
  • be faster, 
  • have anti-meta capabilities, 
  • or simply just 'cause-you-can'


D/D Savant Kepler, D/D Lamia and Dark Contract with the Gate forms this engine. The basis is Kepler searching Gate, and then Gate searches Lamia. Sending Gate to graveyard as cost, summon Lamia and you can proceed to do a synchro summon for Formula Synchron. And although you can't draw once per turn like Yusei does in the anime, you can draw one from your deck.
Should you be afraid that Lamia arrives prematurely, Swamp King and Dark Witch are also Dark Contract cards that you can splash in.
Where Arf Thou can search them, and if you have something similar to D'arc effect, you will find yourself having a free search AND 2000 free life points. Yugioh is so balanced eh?

2) Shell I?

Volcanic Shell is capable of searching another copy of itself, making it an effect discard fodder. It serves as a one-card search & maintain hand advantage. Best used in situations to maintain hand advantage for the decks such as Super Quantum. With your three layers on field and the field spell, you can call forth their big boss monster with a single card, as long as that card is Volcanic Shell.

3) Beigomax-value

Beigomax is a one-card rank 4 xyz summon. This card has a demanding lineup of extra deck space required, but is worth a thought.

  1. Summon Beigomax, search for Red-Eye Dice.
  2. Normal summon Dice, and use its effect, making Beigomax Level2.
  3. Synchro summon for Goyo Defender.
  4. Use Goyo Defender's effect to summon Goyo Defender #2.
  5. Use Goyo Defender #2 's effect to summon Goyo Defender #3.
  6. Overlay the second and third Defenders to summon M-X Saber Invoker.
  7. Invoker's effect summons a Level4 EARTH Beast-Warrior/Warrior of your choice.
  8. Send Invoker and Goyo Defender #1 to the grave for the summon of N'TSS.
  9. Perform your Rank4 xyz summon.

4) Brilliant Fusion

Brilliant Fusion - Making useless cards useful since 2015.
The basis of Brilliant Fusion lies in the fact that it can mill directly from the deck, emulating Shaddoll Fusion. With Serphanite, you can gain an extra normal summon with the fusion summon. Serpahnite just requites a LIGHT monster, but Lazuli deserves the limelight of this combo, allowing you to add back a normal monster from grave. Hence, should you be able to send a LIGHT normal monster for the fusion summon of Serphanite, you get to have 'plus one' as your activates Lazuli's effect to recycle.
It also serves as a quick deck search-and-add. This proves to be useful in many instances, such as Galaxy Serpent in ABC, Jack's Knight in Monarchs, and even Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

The second summon is the main reason Brilliant Monarchs emerged. The second summon gives Monarch more board control as they tribute their effects during their successful tribute summons.
Be it Trick-Clown or Electromagnetic Turtle, The bottomline is that the LIGHT monster should serve some purpose in grave or have beneficial effects upon hitting the grave, especially if you do not want to add back cards via Lazuli's effect, or choose not to run Lazuli in favor of other Gem-Knight monsters, for whatever reasons.

5) Draw it quickly~!

This one is a special one. It isn't the norm, but a suggestion of my own.
Quickdraw is searchable via Tuning, so there is an available searcher to improve the engine's consistency. In my opinion, it is best combined with Level Eater as a discard cost. But any cards that benefits from hitting the grave works too.
Nothing new. Players would have seen plenty of this from Quickdraw Dandy and Junk Doppel days. But unlike the old and golden days, we have Jet Warrior. Jet Warrior can be summoned with Quickdraw + Level Eater, after Eater takes away a level from the machine tuner.
Sure, splash Jet Synchron into a Level4 spam deck and you can achieve the same results. The star of this combo, after all, is Jet Warrior, which can eliminate threats via a bounce.While it may not be too relevant now, it would be nice to sit on the idea for now.
Call it a tech, call it an engine.
I call it an idea.

6) Obey the Dark Law!

A Hero Lives is a one-card Dark Law.
Nothing new. Activate A Hero Lives, call forth Shadow Mist and then you can search out Masked Change to summon Dark Law. A neat trick is to chain Change when your opponent attempts to add a card to their hand. This allows you to build a chain link, with Dark Law's effect activating first, but resolving second, and Shadow Mist activating second but resolving first. This would ensure that Dark Law won't fall prey to Solemn Strike.
Shadow Mist may be limited at 1, but you can play three copies of A Hero Lives, and one copy is all you need. This mini anti-meta engine served as a tech option back in the Apex Avian Magicians era.

7) Zombie Engine

  • Uni-Zombie
  • Mezuki
  • Shiranui Sage
With this engine, Sage is basically a one-card PSYFrame-lord Omega.
The zombie engine starts from Shiranui Sage, which can then be tributed for Uni-Zombie. Uni then increases its own level by milling Mezuki, which then banishes itself for the revival of Shiranui Sage. From there on, it is either a 4+4 synchro summon, or xyz summon for Rank4.
Basically you can summon any staple Level8 Synchro, but since Uni's effect prevent non-zombies from attacking, board control is generally preferred and players usually go for Omega. Good old Omega can even recycle Mezuki next turn, during your opponent's standby phase.
Should the PSYFrame-Lord's summon be negated and/or it bites the dust somehow, it can use it's graveyard effect to target Uni-Zombie, ensuring that Sage can call it out again after being revived by Mezuki.
Like the literal expression of zombies, this engine seems to never die.

8) Double Date

Deep Sea Diva can summon out Diva, much like Tourguide.
This is no longer possible as Diva is limited, just like Tourguide.
 Diva acts as a one-card RK2 xyz. Only problem now is that Diva is limited. With both of these cards at 1, this engine is likely to be dead and unusable for quite some time. But hey, just don't forget these two's existence for future formats, although it may be a few years before we see them being at least semi-limited at least.

9) Plant your seeds of victory

You can play triple Lonefire Blossom & Unexpected Dai should your deck be in dire need of a Level 4 Tuner to start your plays. Trumpeter exists to benefit from these support cards, being a normal Plant tuner monster.


Bear with my puns. We are ending soon.

Brotherhood of the Fire First - Bear can search out Fire Formation - Tenki, and Tenki can do the same for Bear too. The latter is definitely most preferable, since you can use it during your Main Phase 1. The idea I am selling you is that, using Bear's effect, you can eliminate monster threats, at the cost of sending Tenki to the grave. I teched it in my Yosenju back in the day, only dropping it when I had to main deck Gozen Match. I believe it is a good addition for decks which run Tenki such as Lunalight.


After reading through, some may doubt if these are really considered to be engines at all. Opinions differ. I believe engines to be a series of cards that aid the deck and speed up the deck. So tech options fall into this section too.
Of course, there are more common and splashable engines such as ClownBlade & Artifacts. There is also the Ninja engine to get large-leveled monsters out from the deck.
Feel free to send in your ideas for future installments of the article. Should I gather enough ideas again, I will be back to write it.
The guy who can draw his singular Torque Gear for games but can't draw any one of his 12 combo pieces

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